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An Unplanned Delight-Directed Homeschool Day

I teach using a combination of several different teaching methods for years and rarely think of them being different methods. Just as when I am fixing a meal I rarely think of the different methods used (chopping, mixing, blending, frying), I focus on the end result. This morning was a combination of unit study, delight-directed, writing to learn, and thematic studies. Here is a sample of our homeschool day. Our study took on a life of its own going in several unplanned directions (lessons running a muck is norm for us). Read More »

Delight Directed Homeschooling: Farm Science

We moved to a mini farm about 5 years ago because I wanted my boys to experience farm life.They have learning so much caring for animals (horses, goats, chickens)  and having a vegetable garden. (While I learn patience from lousy Internet connection). If you can’t move to a farm the second best thing would be to visit one and read ... Read More »