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Project Purge

I found some great Scripture printables this morning you can print and frame at Katie’s  Terpblog. While I was there her PROJECT PURGE image caught my eye. What a great idea! Katie and Theresa had a goal to help Manasseh Project (outreach ministry of Wedgwood Christian Services dedicated to ending the sexual exploitation of young men and women in West Michigan) with a garage ... Read More »

50 States in 50 Days with Bunny Trails

This year, our homeschool focus is 50 States in 50 days with Bunny Trails. All the links are now on Pinterest Follow Robin Sampson’s board Homeschool HOW Unit Study: US Geography on Pinterest. Every day, we study a “State of the Day,”  then we branch off into a Delight Directed bunny trail. This was not my original plan for this year, it just ... Read More »

Homeschool Planning: How Would Jesus Schedule?

In previous posts I have asked you to rethink your beliefs about knowledge and education. Now I’m asking asking you to consider another paradigm shift—to rethink scheduling. How Would Jesus Schedule? Jesus had obvious long-term goals but He practiced daily as a responder. He prayed daily and allowed the needs of the people around Him to set His agenda. He ... Read More »

The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach

When homeschoolers are asked about this book one word continues to come up over and over–”Wow!  The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach is for all homeschoolers that want to make the Bible the center of their school day. This giant provides you with the methods, program, and resources for a course of study where students spend half the school day studying ... Read More »

Heart of Wisdom Shops

You can shop for Heart of Wisdom publications and/or recommendations at any of the shops below. Homeschool-Books.com Amazon Homeschool Store  (Free shipping for Prime users) Digi Scrap Delights on Etsy Homeschool-Books.com Homeschool-Books.com is where you can find all Heart of Wisdom publications and some favorites from a few other companies including FREEBIES, Homeschool in the Woods and Messianic curriculum, Dr John Garr resources, ... Read More »

Should Homeschoolers Teach Logic?

Logic and rhetoric are extremely popular and enthusiastically sought after by those in the homeschool community. But how important are logic and rhetoric? How much weight should they have in our homeschool day? Logic is a skill or a tool like a hammer. A hammer can be used to build something useful or as a murder weapon. The words logic, ... Read More »

A Christian’s View of World of Warcraft

Introduction to World of Warcraft Note: Title was changed from A Christian View of World of Warcraft to A Christian’s View of World of Warcraft because I don’t represent all Christians. If you haven’t heard of the World of Warcraft game, you or your children will. The popularity of this game is mind blowing–over 1oo million people are playing worldwide, (ONE ... Read More »

Easy No Bake Thanksgiving Cookies

Time to decorate for Thanksgiving and start gathering recipes. These cookies have been our family tradition for over 25 years now. Making them is a special time the children look forward to every Thanksgiving. Giving them to neighbors and friends is just as fun. No Bake Chocolate Turkey Cookies Ingredients: Fudge Striped Cookies Chocolate bonbons (Christmas candy aisle at Walmart) ... Read More »

A Harvest of Thanksgiving

A Post from the archives: Our cat, Shiloh, relaxing in the middle of my dining room sidebar. She will need to find a new napping place tomorrow. A Harvest of Thanksgiving Be present at our table, Lord; Be here and everywhere adored. These mercies bless, and grant that we May feast in fellowship with thee. – A Table Grace Steamy ... Read More »

Thanksgiving Sites for Educators

The Thanksgiving Story The story of the first Thanksgiving in America with Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians. Includes Bible verses. Thanksgiving Crafts on My Pinterest (LOTS) – Follow me 🙂 Thanksgiving Memory Verses and Copywork Bible memory verses about being thankful. Three verses per page choose from manuscript, cursive, or d’nealian. The REAL Story of Thanksgiving (MP3) Rush Limbaugh reads and adds to the story history books ... Read More »

Think on These Things

 The other night Precious (one of our Great Pyrenees) tore up my laundry room. She ate through a wicker basket, left a pound of sand on the floor (from the dried mud after the rain), ate a shoe, tore open a package of paper plates, ripped an Amazon packing box into nine thousand pieces, you get the idea. She looked ... Read More »

Do Science and the Bible Conflict?

Do science and the Bible conflict? If you were to read a science textbook from 50 or 100 years ago, you would be amazed to discover the number of things that were stated as “scientific fact,” which are now known to be wrong! God’s word is always right.  Professor of Theoretical Physics at Adelaide University , Paul Davies said : ... Read More »

A Christian's View of the Twilight Series

I assumed even baby Christian had enough discernment to stay away from books and movies full of lust and witchcraft, titled "Horror Romance" in the bookstore--then my boys ages 9 and 11 came home from Sunday school with stories of the Youth group kids raving about the Twilight books. (and I thought Harry Potter was bad). Read More »

Behold the Man!

Jesus’ apostles and Jewish disciples came to know him first as a Rabbi and only later as the risen Savior. For second-generation and subsequent believers, however, the process was reversed. First they encountered in faith the risen and reigning Son of God, and only later – if at all – did they come to learn in any depth about the man, Yeshua MiNatzeret (Jesus of Nazareth). Read More »

The First Real Thanksgiving

The history of Thanksgiving we observe today is reported as beginning in 1621, in Plymouth, Massachusetts. However, many scholars believe Thanksgiving may be based on the the Bible autumn harvest festival Sukkot or the Feast of Tabernacles. Sukkoth commemorates the temporary shelters used by the Jews during their wandering in the wilderness. The devoted pilgrims refused to celebrate holidays not ... Read More »

Free Bible Worksheets

Free Bible Worksheets from HeartofWisdom.com Great for documenting daily studies: Bible Event Worksheet, Bible Character Worksheet, Bible Passages Worksheet, Bible Notes Worksheet and more. Please re-pin

Using these worksheets will help your child (and you) extract pertinent materials from the Bible reading, analyze it, categorize it, and produce a reference sheet for his or her Bible portfolio. This is not busywork- its writing to learn. These can be used for all ages even non readers! Mom can fill in the pages for younger students using Charlotte ... Read More »

Amazing Promises Jesus Made

The majority of Christian men and women who pray to a Living God know very little about real prevailing prayer? Yet prayer is the key which unlocks the door of God's treasure-house. It is not too much to say that all real growth in the spiritual life-all victory over temptation, all confidence and peace in the presence of difficulties and dangers, all repose of spirit in times of great disappointment or loss, all habitual communion with God-depend upon the practice of secret prayer. Read More »

Thanksgiving Countdown

Thanksgiving Ideas and Links for Christian Educators Click for the Thanksgiving Preparation Countdown Check List What a great time of year to teach! Take a walk with a leaf identification guide, visit an apple orchard (we provide the lesson plan!). Go on a Nature Walk: Take the Leaf Identification Guide and see how many leaves you can identify. Color the ... Read More »

Thanksgiving: A Time To Remember

Reading this book and listening to the audio book each year is a super family tradition! Perfect for long car rides or family reading time. Thanksgiving: A Time To Remember Thanksgiving is both distinctly Christian and exclusively American—a holiday for celebrating faith, family, and freedom. But all too often the true purpose of this special day is lost amidst eating, ... Read More »

Thanksgiving Recipes

These cookies have been our family tradition for almost 20 years now. Making them is a special time the children look forward to every Thanksgiving. Giving them to neighbors and friends is just as fun. No Bake Turkey Cookies Ingredients: Fudge Striped Cookies Chocolate bonbons (Christmas candy aisle at Walmart) Semi-sweet chocolates Candy corn Directions: Melt some of the semi-sweet ... Read More »