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Sneak Peek into New Scrap Lapbooks

Here is a sneak peek into Heart of Wisdom Scrap-Lapbook Kits each consisting of a dozen or more color coordinated templates. This is a lapbook made with Ancient Egypt Scrap-Lapbook . Order here.

Homeschool lapbook Egypt

Each kit will include blank books templates so they can be used for any lapbook theme.  You add the images , labels, and text. Since these are digital products you purchase once and can print out pages over and over for many children or many different lapbooks.

Ink Friendly!


You don’t have to worry about using up a lot of ink with these kits. We set out to make them affordable. Only the covers are in color. The insides are black and white. Less than 1/8th of an 8.5×11 is in color to make an accordion booklet.

Here are the color schemes for the new Ancient History: Adam to Messiah Lapbooks. These can also be used to make many other kits.


The green Creation lapbook can be utilized to make other lapbooks like plants, trees, St Patrick’s Day, frogs, etc. Simple print out the templates, cut and fold the booklets. Easy and fun.

See All Our Lapbooks Here

Green Homeschool Lapbook

The color scheme for the Greece lapbook could easily make lapbooks for other time periods, literature, or science topics.

Homeschool Lapbook Printable color

The Weather lapbook below was created using HOW’s Scrap-Lapbook Kit with Homeschool Share’s free Weather Words lapbook. These booklets could also be used for an ocean theme.

Weather Homeschool Lapbook

This patriotic kit made while studying the American Revolution using book  Eyewitness American Revolution and images from the Internet. The  red, white and blue booklets can be used for any patriotic study (Presidents, Betsy Ross, July 4th, etc)

American Revolution Homeschool Lapbook

The peachy pink booklet are perfect for butterflies or any girly project. For this we used Eyewitness Butterflies and Moths and images from the Internet (Google Image search).

homeschool lapbook Butterflies

The  yellow and red booklets were originally created for a Bee-Attitude lapbook  but booklets can  make any lapbook project (insects, apples, chickens,  alphabet, colors, math, etc).

Red Yellow Homeschool Lapbook

This yellow and green booklets could be used for Creation, plants, agriculture, John Deer, construction, poetry, corn, cotton gin, textiles, St Patrick’s Day, frogs, turtles, any animals, inventions, scientists, literature, etc.

green homeschool lapbook

Fun Unique Booklets

The booklet templates in each kit include fun booklet like this Squash Book that folds into a adorable 4×4 booklet. Extra paper is included in the kits to make booklets like this.   Click here to see a squash book video. 

Homeschool Lapbook using scrapbook methods


Heartofwisdom teaching approach

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  1. Wow! How neat are these!!

    I’ve been praying for your health 🙂 Thank you for all your wonderful resources.


    I praise our Heavenly Father for your gifts and talents. May he bless you and keep you in health as you continue to bless others.

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Okay – I’m totally clueless. These are fabulous, but I never really figured out paper scrabooking, much less digital! Can you guide me to a tutorial that would help me know how to implement all your template things? From scratch (Digital Scrapbooking for Dummies)?

  4. Christy Quinn

    When I first saw these. I thought how creative. They are beautiful! Wonderful job. Now, lets see if I can make them like the master! Thank you for sharing your wonderful creations.

  5. VIcki, Don’t confuse Digital Scrapbooking with Scrap-Lapbooking. They are completely different.

    Scrap-Lapbooking – print out booklet templates from your computer and make them with scissors and print outs.

    Digital Scrapbooking is designing scrappages on your computer. You can print them or share digitally online.

  6. These are great!

    Do you use 9×12″ file folders for these lap books? Would you mind emailing me to clarify?


  7. Wow! Brilliant! Such a good idea and they look so pretty.

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