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SAD Killed my Daughter- Don’t Let it Kill Your Children!

SAD Killed my Daughter- Don’t Let it Kill Your Children!

My beautiful, amazing, delightful, daughter, Victoria was killed, this year , by a food addiction. It is my passion to pass along nutrition information to help prevent others from suffering this type tragedy.

After many unsucessful  attempts at diet and exercise to lose weight, Victoria had laparoscopic weight loss surgery. A week after the surgery, her husband, Jim, was driving her to the hospital when she stopped breathing. They worked on her for 35 minutes and got her heart started. She did not regain consciousness but had vital signs for 30 minutes. It stopped again for 5 minutes. I spoke with Jim several times and was driving to the airport to be with her when I received noticed she passed away.

The medical examiner continues to search for the official cause of death. Additional information may follow as warrants. I was not aware of the surgery, as she knew I was against it. I am hoping this news will discourage others from seeking such surgery. One in 400 die of this surgery.

Victoria left behind three teenage sons. Don’t let this happen to your family.   Stop feeding your family the Standard American Diet!



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