Science Unit Study Combo

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Save $12 get all three unit studies in an eBook discount package! Over 300 pages.

Download free sample lessons below. These Multilevel (grades 4-12), Bible-Focused, Heart of Wisdom Unit Study utilizes the Charlotte Mason approach, and the Internet!


Three Unit Study Combo

Save $12 get all three unit studies in an eBook discount package! Over 300 pages.

These Multilevel (grades 4-12), Bible-Focused, Heart of Wisdom Unit Study utilizes the Charlotte Mason approach, and the Internet!

Creation Unit Study

Many Christians fail to realize that the events of Genesis are literal, are historical (particularly Genesis 1-11), and are foundational to all Christian doctrine.

All Biblical doctrines of theology, directly or indirectly, ultimately have their basis in the book of Genesis. Therefore, a believing understanding of the book of Genesis is a prerequisite to an understanding of God and His meaning to man. If Genesis is only myth or allegory, then Christian doctrines have no foundation.

Many Christians have added evolution to the Bible, resulting in a position that accepts God as Creator but restricts Him to the process of evolution. This position is destructive to Christianity for many reasons.

Because evolution is the new taproot of our education system. Many think that evolution has to do only with scientific endeavors, but this is not so.

Evolution permeates history, law, art, music, and sadly theology. The main principle of evolution is that man is capable of improving himself, of moving upward, of continuously progressing to higher and higher levels of achievement. The evolutionist says that there are no absolutes, no laws, no rules, no roles, no standards of conduct.

Henry Morris said,

“Evolution is the root of atheism, of communism, nazism, behaviorism, racism, economic imperialism, militarism, libertinism, anarchism, and all manner of anti-Christian systems of belief and practice.”

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“This is much more than a study of Creation –This is a study of Christianity versus humanism”

Light Unit Study

Enrich your childrens’ lives with Light “this unit study reveals the mysteries of the light which God created for us. You’ll begin with God’s words, “Let there be light,” then embark on a fascinating journey through the centuries, as His children discover the physical properties of light while they come to understand that the character of God can be comprehended by observing what light is and what it does.

Together, you and your students will:

Learn about the physical characteristics of light as discovered by scientists throughout history; Learn how light is used in the Bible; how it is symbolic of the Glory of God, His purity, His wisdom, and His guidance; See how the creation and beauty of light reveal God, and that the physical properties of light are a picture of God: He is radiant or luminous energy which allows us to perform the functions of physical sight and spiritual sight;

  • Learn that apart from the light of the Word, we cannot see where we are or what we are doing, nor can we serve God effectively. Light is a form of energy and may be produced in many different ways, not just by sun and stars. On the forth day of creation
  • God caused the light of the sun to rule (govern) the day and the light of the moon and the stars to rule the night. Psalms 19:1 says, The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands. God’s lights in skies unquestionably declare God’s glory. The study of light helps us to understand and appreciate the world God has created. Light has many applications in the Bible, physical, spiritual, moral or figurative.
  • Light is symbolic of Glory of God, of His purity, of His wisdom and His guidance. Moses saw the glory of God in the burning bush. Christ is our light the source of all wisdom and referred to as the Sun of righteousness.
  • Light frequently signifies instruction, God’s word a lamp unto our feet. Light symbolizes testimony. John the Baptist, was called a burning and a shining light. Saul of Tarsus had a dramatic encounter with the Light of God on the road to Damascus. The disciples were called “the light of the world.” Believers are described as enlightened by Christ the light of the world who calls people “out of darkness into his marvelous light.”
  • Jesus said, “I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” He also said,”As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.”y
  • This thematic unit on Light for grades 4-12 contains over a hundred active Internet links to lessons, video clips, book resources and Bible studies. Easy to use lessons include discussion starters, demonstrations and lab activities utilizing the 4 Step Lessons. Lessons conform to the National Science Education Standards and SS&C tenets for effective science education. Download to your computer today!

Light Unit Study unit study Sample Lessonunit study Objectives

“I was blown away by the Light unit study. We began because I thought it was a subject we ‘had’ to cover. What a delight! I’m amazed at how many spiritual lessons flow throughout the unit as we are learning science. I enjoyed it before I began teaching, then learned that much more once we worked together. I was very impressed with the depth in every lesson. My children are 9, 12 and 16. We all love the HOW approach! Thank you.”

Energy Unit Study

Creation reveals God! Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them (Genesis 2:1). At the EbookEnergycover300end of six days of creation, the world was finished. To this day, the amount of energy expended to keep the planets rotating properly has been the same.

What God set in motion, He did not leave to spin itself out. God still watches carefully over our universe, and continues to provide the correct amount of energy—not more, not less—each second. If God did not do this for our good, the sun would burn itself up, the earth would spin out of its gravitational force, and we would die.

The study of various forces which God has created in nature helps us to realize just how incredible the creation of our universe is. It is quite an accomplishment. If we could sit in the farthest corner of it, and watch all that God does each minute to ensure our good, we would no longer be caught up in the trivial worries of each day, nor would we ind a reason to listen to the advice of the world concerning evolution.

At the heart of the enormous variation in creation that we see around us is aset of physical laws set in place by God. Having realized such common law, secular science makes an erroneous attempt to explain these variations by evolution. On the contrary, these variations around a similar blueprint which gives abundant life on Earth and sets the heavens in motion simply reflect the limitless genius of our Creator. Any student trained in the physics and chemistry can easily point out the obvious flaws in evolutionary science, flaws which are clearly known and clearly hidden in the typical class-room education. (Bryan J. Ennis, Ph.D.)

Discover how central God’s creation of energy is to how we live today. Energy is all around us. We derive energy from food, we use energy to heat our homes, and we find energy in the power of moving water. Energy provides the opportunity to accomplish something, such as driving a car, moving a box, or running hot water from a showerhead. In most energy-related resources, the important aspect of God’s creation of energy is left out. Not only did God create living beings, He also created for us the ability to further our civilization industry, travel, food production, and livingstandards.

Energy Unit Study unit study Sample Lesson unit study Objectives


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