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A child using the Clip Chart  experiences a sense of accomplishment as his clothespin moves up the chart because of his good choices.




I was looking at a some behavior charts to help discourage grumbling during school work and chores. I found the Clip Chart Behavior Set up by Rick Morris. I like it because it focuses on both positive and negative. It is designed for school use so I made one that is more homeschool friendly. You can print out the one I made or make your own with construction paper.


clip chart

All you need are two items:

  1. Clothespins (one for each child)
  2. Clip Chart

How it Works

  •   ~ Print out the clip chart
  •   ~Write each child’s names on a clothespin.
  •   ~Begin each day with clothespins clipped into the middle green area.
  •   ~Move the close-pins throughout the day based on child’s behavior.

A child using the Clip Chart  experiences a sense of accomplishment as his clothespin moves up the chart because of his good choices.

Children are told to move his clothespin down a level or two when they make bad choices but is also aware that he can be restored to his former position
later in the day when he is making better choices.

The “Think About it” level is a warning or reminder. There’s no consequence associated with the level. Just move your clip down and get back on task. Everyone needs a chance to show that he can learn from his mistakes.

I got the idea from 3rd grade teache Rick Morris’s book New Management. It explains how to use the system in a classroom setting. It also compares the Clip Chart with the standard school Traffic light Behavior Card system. Children have green, yellow and red cards in a stack. They start out each day with green on top. They flip the cards back and forth depending on behavior. The color card card system works well but focuses more on the negative.

Differences Between Morris’ School Clip Chart and My Homeschool Clip Chart

~ Instead of  “Ready to Learn” in the center I choose the term “Ready for Team Work” because I frequently remind my children God made our family a team to work together. We have good days when all family members do their part. I added the Bible verse as a reminder.

~Instead of  “Teacher’s Choice”  I choose the term “Loose a Privilege.” This restriction should be based on the child. Not all children respond to the same consequence in the same way.

~Instead of  “Parent Contact” on the bottom I choose the term “Punishment.” This, of course, would be based on how your family handles punishment.

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