Free Folger’s Coffee Can Labels

$0.00 is a  9 page PDF printable PDF that includes:

  •   ~  Crayon Labels
  •   ~  Money Labels
  •   ~  Macaroni Labels
  •   ~  Bean Labels
  •   ~  Lego Labels
  •   ~  Hot Wheel Labels
  •   ~  Army Toy Labels
  •   ~  Bird Seed Labels
  •   ~  Blank Labels (add your own image)

Print only the pages you need.



Folger’s Coffee containers are so useful. I use for feeding the animals (horses, goats chickens, dogs). I have one in the kitchen for compost one for gathering eggs. I have 20 full of hickory nuts from a tree in the yard. They also work great for pantry items (rice, brans, nuts, sugar), toys and school supplies. So I started making labels. I’m sharing them.

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Print and Adhere Labels

All you need is a Folgers 84.5-ounce or 39-ounce canister, a printer, paper, scissors, and adhesive. You can use plain paper  and glue or 8.5×11 adhesive labels.


Digital Scrapbooked Canister Labels

Here are some more ideas (not included in the download)


Getting Rid of the Coffee Smell

Wash the plastic container well. Place 1/4 cup of baking soda inside and allow sit overnight. Wash and rinse. The smell should be gone.

More Coffee Can Uses

  •   ~ Food storage (pastas, cookies, crackers, oatmeal, flour, sugar, etc.)
  •   ~Pet storage (brushes, etc.)
  •   ~Pet feeding (scoop to feed goats and horses)
  •   ~Bathroom storage (rollers, hair ribbons, etc.)
  •   ~Holiday gifts (decorate and give cookies and candies) Folgers offers holiday template here
  •   ~Scrap bucket for peelings and coffee grounds
  •   ~Unbreakable cookie jar
  •   ~Nuts. bolts, screws
  •   ~Piggy bank
  •   ~Plants

Holiday Labels Available on Etsy

Here is a great frugal gift idea:   Folgers plastic resealable coffee containers are durable and have a handy indent for a handle. Its a super idea for gift giving. Fill with Bird seed, crayons, cookies, trail mix, popcorn, candy, baked goods, candy, small toys, craft items, etc Purchase holiday labels here. 


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