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Our Church: Seed of Abraham & Torah Resources

Our Church: Seed of Abraham & Torah Resources

SOA_LOGOWe recently began attending Seed of Abraham Fellowship. I was delighted to not only find a balanced church that studies Hebrew roots, but also offers classes in Hebrew, and an amazing chronological  Homeschool Bible study curriculum (reviewed below).

In July we moved from Tennessee to Florida to be near our grandsons (my daughter Victoria passed this year).

torahclass_hebrew_rootsImagine me driving down the main road in Merrit Island and seeing the sign  Seed of Abraham Fellowship: A Christian Hebrew Roots Congregation. I almost drove off the road!  The church was not open but I got out of the car and copied down the information on the door.  I had to hold myself back from jumping up and down in the parking lot!

Back in Tennessee, I visited Seed of Abraham’s web site and began listening to the Torah Class teachings by Pastor Tom Bradford. I was overjoyed! The more I listened the more excited I got.

In Tennessee,  I had left a church serving watered-down milk, and now I found a church serving filet mignon! Not only serving meat but also keeping the biblical holidays!

The pastor, Tom Bradford, does not really preach, he teaches. Sitting in this church is more like listening to a Bible college professor than a pastor. There are three regular services. Pastor Bradford teaches by reading through each book (never skipping parts) giving history, commentary, meaning of Hebrew words, and overall careful study of the Bible to understand its deep meanings.

We are currently studying I Kings on Saturday, Ezra on Sunday at 9:00 and Deuteronomy at 10:30. On Tuesday morning we have a women’s Bible study to review the teachings. The church offers three classes in Hebrew. I began last month and I absolutely love it.

Here are a few samples


This week we had a Sukkoth Feast.


Many of the homeschool families from the church camped out at Moss Park in Orlando for the week of Sukkoth. I took my boys and they had a blast swimming, sailing, paddle boating and kayaking.



Journey Through Torah Class

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 9.15.56 AM

51a+s+jzXHL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX324_SY324_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA346_SH20_OU01_The Journey Through the Torah Class textbook is an in-depth Old Testament Bible study designed for Christian and Messianic Jewish adult groups or individual study. It is also suitable for home church use or as sermon reference material.

Tom Bradford’s “Journey Through the Torah Class” series is a revolutionary approach to Bible study. It is an integration of exegetical Bible study and Bible commentary with curriculum that is understandable, spiritual, fascinating, and yet deals with the books of the Old Testament verse by verse in a frank and intellectually honest fashion.

Bible, history, archaeology, and Hebrew language instruction are woven together for a thorough understanding of the biblical texts. Non-denominational and filled with interesting illustrations and useful graphics, God’s divine principles emerge as relevant life applications for the twenty-first century.


A companion Teacher’s Guide is also available for purchase and highly recommended to get the most out of the series.


Journey Through Torah for Homeschool

If you are looking for a balanced, chronological Bible study for your homeschool–THIS IS IT!

The Homeschool Companion Teacher’s Guide is meant to be used in conjunction with its associated Journey Through the Torah Class series textbook to form a complete curriculum. Perfect for Homeschool and Christian school academic environments, this guide contains lesson plans, reviews, exams, and answers to the exam questions. The Teacher’s Guide contains dual track curriculum: one track for middle school students and another track for high school students. It has been designed for flexibility and adaptability for various student grade levels and mixed age groups, pace, teaching styles and settings

Join Me!

You can hear Tom Bradford’s Torah Class teachings at TorahClass.com. If you are hungry for meat, check them out (on the top of page click on Old Testament Studies or New Testament Studies, studies are in audio and video)



Heartofwisdom teaching approach

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  1. Melissa

    I have been watching Tom Bradford’s lessons for approximately six months now and I am still enthralled. I have earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Studies and I am now pursuing a Master’s Degree also in Christian Studies and I can say (with some regret) I have learned more from Mr. Bradford (FREE) than I learned by spending $50,000 + for formal college education.
    Mr. Bradford’s lessons are aiding me with my graduate studies, informing me, and inspiring me to find out all I can regarding Christianity’s Jewish roots.

  2. Ramona McCollister

    I have been listening to Tom Bradfords teachings for sometime and I get so excited because for many years I have been leading Bible Studies and finally someone is teaching me something new! I am at present teaching on the Lord’s Feasts. I would love to share Genesis 48 with my groups but I am not that confident that I can do it justice. Does he have any material for Bible Studies and or video helps?

  3. Cindy Avery

    I’m so envious of your testimony. I would have driven off the road as well. 🙂 I’m in Kentucky. The Lord began calling me out of Babylon in November ’16 and I am so very overjoyed and thankful. I’ve done enough research and searching to have a Masters Degree. It’s been so difficult but so worth it. However, now I’m in a pretty lonely place. I’ve found Torah.com which has blessed me beyond belief. I cannot get enough of Tom Bradford’s teachings. I had already left my regular Protestant church KNOWING that something wasn’t right. Now I’m lingering about with only what I can find on line. Any suggestions? Thank you so much and many blessings to you.

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