Our Bible Timeline Wall

We hung this Bible Timeline on the wall in our dining room (aka school room). Then marked the 12 Bible eras with  index cards.

Then I hung the  Bible of the Bible Wall Chart-(From Amazon)  above the timeline and attached  strings from to the Bible stories to show where the story can be found in the Bible.

I am addicted to my timeline. I can’t tell a Bible story without showing the children when the even occurred. We use sticky notes to make area not listed on the timeline. The boys get pretty creative with drawing of wicked kings. LOL

You can get the Giant Bible Time Line at Amazon for about $15.00. It is sturdy (not laminated) and 10 feet long but comes in 4 sections so if your wall space is limited you can stack it.

About the 12 Eras

30 Days to Understanding the Bible recommends studying the 12 Bible eras. I love this idea. Its so much easier than 66 books.

In Anders book you’ll find helpful icons that will give inspiration for title page illustrations. It helps you learn to position key Bible characters, places, and events in chronological order so that you can “think your way through” the entire Word of God.

12 Eras of Biblical History

  1. Creation Era  (now a Bible Journaling Class)
  2. Patriarch Era (now a Bible Journaling Class)
  3. Exodus Era
  4. Conquest Era
  5. Judges Era
  6. Kingdom Era
  7. Exile Era
  8. Return Era
  9. Silence Era
  10. Gospel Era
  11. Church Era
  12. Missions Era

Your children and you will learn as you divide the notebook into the 12 eras of Biblical History. Thorough each era will focus on main events, main people, and geography. Divide sections with index dividers or colored paper dividers, and make a title page for each section. Make a table similar to the one below to show the contents in each section.

State Timeline

I purchased a TN timeline at a local teacher store. I added index cards citing important world events during the same periods.


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