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Organizing Quilt Stash with Pant Hangers

Organizing Quilt Stash with Pant Hangers

I like to display my fabric so I can easy visualize my next project. If it is hidden in a box I may never get to play with it.

I just did a major closet purge and had a few dozen unused huggable pant hangers not in use (ya know, the ultra slim velvet non-slip ones). Light bulb moment: Why not hang my Layer Cakes and fat quarters  so I can see them! Go vertical.


You can layer stacks across so you can see all the pretties.


This is Moda’s Scrumptious Layer Cake


I can play with fabric on the hanger when quilt planning. Above is Giraffe Crossing Layer Cake.


I like the idea so much I started hanging some fat quarters too. Here are some Batiks I put together in turquoise, blues and greens.

Now I can see what I have on  my shelves and in my closet. (Note the fat quarters and jelly rolls in a shoe organizer).




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