Organizing Homeschool Area with Book Crates

Homeschoolers are notorious book hoarders. I own way too many books to keep in one room much less one small homeschool area. So I use crates to tote books from room to room.

Our “school room” is the dining room table. It looks like a schoolroom. We are homeschoolers, this is our lifestyle. My home will never look like a magazine ad.

I homeschooled our first seven children in 1200 square home. I used to keep boxes of books at our business and bring home only what I needed for a week in  a plastic crate.

Today, I  still tote plastic crates. I keep all the school books in my office or upstairs and bring them down as needed. I keep all library books in a crate and tote them to bedrooms for reading aloud time.

Packing Theme Creates

I plan my homeschool day packing the crates with a theme. Say we are studying Ancient Rome. I fill the crate with Ancient Rome books (and science or other books with ancient Rome sections marked). We use during school time and during free reading time the boys have access to whatever interests them in the crate.

School Area (AKA Dining Room)

Temporary Shelves

Here I use canvas containers hold to math manulaptives, games, craft items,  etc. Sturdier plastic crates hold workbooks, coloring books, reading books, etc.

Books in my office waiting to come to school room when needed.

Computer Area (also AKA Dining Room)

Workbook Crates

Using workbox crates is my ingenious invention for keeping work pages and work books in one  sturdy, easy to grab box. No more 20 minutes looking for a phonics book. Only current workbooks go in the crate. It slides easily on and off the bookshelves.

I use this crate for both boys. The workbooks are in the back and file folders in the front to file individual papers by math, spelling, phonics, etc.  No more lost pages once torn out from the workbook.

Workbook Crate

Clever Crate Stool

I found this on Pinterest. Cleaver idea. No time to make.

Organizing Your Homeschool Pinterest Board

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