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The Heart of Wisdom Day by Day Lesson Plans easier to view and print

New Lesson Plan Format

The Heart of Wisdom  Day by Day Lesson Plans easier to view and print. We’ve worked out the bugs and have a final format.

Click here to view the new format (PDF).

Weeks 1-4 are now available. Weeks 5-6 will be posted soon.

This is the FREE Beta* version. You may find a few typos or mistakes (let us know if you do).

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Improved Lesson Plans

  • Print one week with one click.
  • No more clicking five post and messing with “Printer Friendly” print stuff.
  • One day of plans= One page. One week = Five pages.
  • New check boxes to check off completed assignments.
  • New note section (add assignment dates, resources, etc)
  • Main resources and extra resources are in separate sections.
  • Living booking added (with chapter assignments)
  • Resources for K-3 added.

What is Beta?

When a new product is created or upgraded, there are several stages in development before the product can be sold in the commercial marketplace. The first stage is the alpha stage, in which the product is tested within the company. A beta version is the name for the second stage in which it is released for free or a reduced price to a group of users.


Heartofwisdom teaching approach

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  1. Hello, I am new to your site and wanted to say wow I really like this pdf format. i like the fact that it also has the check marks for easier view of completion. Thank you.

  2. Robin,
    Thank you for all of your hard work on these wonderful free lesson plans. This is giving me more time with family and more time to enjoy our homeschool. What a great help this has been for our multiple aged children. We are enjoying all of the wonderful Bible and Science lessons that you have brought together into one curriculum. Fun hands on activities, living history books and so much more.
    Once again may God bless you and your family.-Ellie

  3. robin, the updated lesson plans are amazing!! praise the LORD for giving you the ability to arrange it this way. it is wonderful to have all 5 weekly lesson plans available as one download. this will tremendously benefit the ease of navigation, as it reduces the number of links under each weeks lesson plans. thank you, thank you ~ again i say… you spoil us!! i remain, yours respectfully… =)

  4. Robin,
    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is wonderful. I like the added “All, read aloud” section with the designated chapters.
    But the part that I think will make me feel so happy is the check off box. : ) Thank you so much, from a very satisfied homeschooling mom.-Ellie

  5. BethAnn

    Okay Robin, I am soooooo thankful for these lesson plans … I am soooooo thankful for the way God is moving through you and using you to share His love and truth.

  6. Thank you Robin. This is wonderful. My family really appreciates the effort you have put into these lesson plans. It has been a true blessing to us. Thank you again!

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