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My Public Apology to Flylady

I am sorry Flylady. I visited your site a few years ago and felt I did not need you.

I have no dirty dishes in my sink when I go to bed. Most of my clutter is under control. I needed someone life you in my 20s but I felt I have my own system working fairly well.

I assumed your systems were for those buried under months of laundry and days of dirty dishes.

Things have changed. My house is a wreck!  It is a busy holiday season, I’ve been battling bronchitis for a month, my husband has been on crutches for 3 weeks, while I’m trying to squeeze in cooking making, decorating, shopping, extra Church activities have left my house a mess.  I realized I need to sit down a map out a new schedule.

I went right over to to get started and found a treasure of helpful,  non-judgmental,  motivating information.

The Flylady, Marla Cilley,  is known as a positive force in de-cluttering, managing your life, and loving yourself in the process. She is helping over half a million homemakers via emails. She is the author of the bestselling book, Sink Reflections and hosts the Flylady BlogTalkRadio shows.

I’ve been busy designing my new schedule and control book with Flylady zones and plan on  spending an hour of school time with my boys new chore charts to get us all back on track.

Any Homemaker Would Benefit from Flylady

I apologize to Flylady for assuming I was too organized to need her help. Anyone can benefit from her  routines, encouragement, and handy hints. What a blessing this lady is and a sweetheart to boot.

She brings help and hope to those who are overwhelmed with clutter and anyone that just needs a little organization.

Helpful  FlyLadyLinks

  1. Flying Lessons – Joining Flylady is easy and it’s free. When you become a member, you receive the e-mail messages (FLYing Lessons) from FlyLady to guide you through your day.
  2. Fix for CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome) – Do you feel overwhelmed, overextended, and overdrawn?  Hopeless and you don’t know where to start?
  3. Getting Started – Flylady understands we need baby steps to get started. Watch the Shining Sink video.
  4. Crusing Through the Holidays – Flylady knows the demands during the holidays and offers many  helpful tips.
  5. Flylady Forums Talk to others using Flylady lessons.
  6. Follow Marla on Twitter at TheFlyLady.
  7. Listen to Flylady on Blogtalk
  8. Fly Lady Books on Amazon

Free Printable Chore Charts

Flylady inspired me to make these chore charts- different from most kids chore charts. These you hang in the room for a step by step guide.
How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Telling a child to clean a room is overwhelming. These check lists are broken down into easy doable one to three minute chores. Assign a child a room or a few steps.

Explain to your children if you complete the list every day each can be done in about 15 minutes!

Click on list to get 8.5 x11 sheet for printing. Laminate list and hang in appropriate room. Use dry erase markers to check off or assign chores. (If you don’t have a laminate consider getting one, we use ours all the time).

Here is a blank list to make your own


A 15 Minute Cleanup time is a great way to stay ahead of clutter. To really keep a home clean you should add weekly to do lists too (clean out fridge, clean under beds, closets, etc).

How about you? Has you housework suffered from this busy holiday season? Could you use a little help? Do you already use Flylady? How has she helped you?

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  1. Robin

    I love flylady too. I’ve even had the joy of meeting Marla and crew when they were in Tulsa. She really is as kind in person as she seems on her pages. Great post… Hugs! — Deana

  2. I suppose I gotta pull myself up outta my clutter and get my own whip a crackin’! I, too, thought I really didn’t need her…Thanks again, Robin!!

  3. You are so cool!

    I found Flylady several years ago & while I still don’t follow her steps exactly, she definitely helped me to put some order to my day. We still clean in zones & have regularly schedule times of day for chores. I have dropped the ball & need to get back on the program. But thanks to what I taught my older kids, if I am working on a project or are gone to meetings my older ones know the routine & help keep the younger ones in line.
    .-= Dana´s last blog ..Phototinks =-.

  4. I started using FlyLady about 8 or so years ago, and her thoughts and sayings are still rattling around in my mine. Get that Hot Spot. you can do anything for 15 minutes. Got your shoes on? Take that bag directly to the car for good will. etc. I’m not on the site daily, but the training has stuck. 🙂

  5. I like you Robin had looked at flylady before, but passed her by and now I am back trying to become an expert at “flying”. Glad to see someone else is in the same shape as me!
    .-= Alyssa´s last blog ..Merry Christmas =-.

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting these great chore chart lists! They are just perfect for my kids who need step-by-step instruction without feeling as though I’m nagging at them.

  7. Rosario

    Amazing, I am also taking flying lessons. Like you, the first time I encounter the system, I thought it will not work for me. But years later, I decided to give it a try and its the best system that I have ever tried. With a few things added from other organizers. And a few of my own.

  8. I started a whole blog about cleaning my house and flylady — i totally find it motivating for me and i’ve only been flying less than 2 months!

  9. Oh my! Thanks for that. I need her too! I was proud, I thought I didn’t. Like you, we had an event (or a few!) that turned my immaculate house into a disaster zone. Now, I am content to take care of my zones (the kids help) and I am free from the desire to have a “perfect” house. Everything gets a regular once-over, and clutter is under control. That’s good enough for me.

  10. Error message – “I needed someone life”
    Should “life” be “like” instead? Just FYI.

    I have no dirty dishes in my sink when I go to bed. Most of my clutter is under control. I needed someone life you in my 20s but I felt I have my own system working fairly well.

  11. I am like Angie. I found her a few years ago and while I don’t follow her systems to a t, it’s so simple and so many of the concepts just stick in my head. I definitely have better systems now but they could still use some work!

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