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Tribute to My Hero on Veteran’s Day

These a few pages from a scrapbook I made as a tribute to my husband.

Ronnie served as a medic in the Army in the Vietnam War. He received his first Purple Heart and Bronze Star for receiving a bullet in his arm while untangling a man during live gunfire from a barbwire fence.

He received the second Bronze Star a month later. A land mine blew up three comrades and blew off his leg, he stopped the bleeding of his own leg with a tourniquet then went on to give three other men lifesaving medical treatment before passing out.

Today he gets around well on prosthetic leg. In all these years, through consistent pain,  he has never complained once. His heart is always on those who lost much more. He is my Hero!!


Tribute to My Son-in-Law

Tribute to My Son in Civil Air Patrol



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  1. Thank you Ron for your service to your country, we are forever in your debt.

  2. What a great celebration of service, Robin and thank you, Ronnie for your commitment to serve!

  3. Great story. Thanks for sharing. You should be proud.

  4. Karen H

    Thank you for sharing your pages. Can you tell me where you found graphics for the ribbons/medals on the page for Ronnie? I would love to create something like this to honor my father but don’t know where to find such graphics. Thanks again!


  5. I found them with Google image search.

  6. I don’t have a picture handy of my grandfather who was a WWII vet. These old photos remind me of him. He was always fit and wiry and let you know what you were supposed to be doing! All of us could see past his gruff exterior and we loved him. A true hero who raised my mom to love God and teach us too. Thanks Grandpa John

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