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Light in the Dark Valley


I was overwhelmed to tears at the caring comments I received from my I’m-in-a-dark-valley-pray-for-me post. After I wrote the post, I had to leave for the day (errands, dentist, house closing). I didn’t get back to the hotel until 8 pm to find you all reaching out to me in compassion, lovingly, without judgment and with precious comments of encouragement. What a blessing.

For days, I was experiencing a horrible battle, struggling to give my emotions to God, over and over. I listened to sermons, read Scripture, prayed, and studied, but my mind would drift while reading, my prayers were halted mid-sentence while anger arose deep inside. I was so weary.

Then you lifted me up. Throughout the day, I began feeling the peace I longed for. I was at the dentist with my sons, putting together puzzles, laughing at my children’s jokes. I was (for the first time in days) with them instead of “being there” wrapped up in bitter thoughts, feeling sorry for myself.

Later, at 6 pm we met with the closing agent and realtors to close on our home. There was an unexpected snag. We won’t be able to move in for three more weeks (i.e. stuck in a hotel with all our belongings packed, etc, etc.). At first I felt overwhelmed again, but I said a prayer, I asked my husband to handle it and took the children back to the hotel.

I felt a calm. We were listening to the children’s CD songs on the long drive. This song played in my mind all night:

God will take care of you,
through every day, o’er all the way;
He will take care of you,
God will take care of you.
No matter what may be the test,
God will take care of you;
lean, weary one, upon his breast,
God will take care of you.I felt “back on course.” Praise God.

What a powerful lesson. When struggling in a spiritual battle and unable to get victory–ask for prayer from others! We need encouragement from one another. We are weak individuals. God commands us to bear one another’s burdens.

Under the Surface

Every time I face a trial that seems devastating under the surface, God is working out a plan for good in me and others. Under the surface–so much is going on, an ocean of wonderful, marvelous work, designs, and plans we cannot see. How many times does it take to remember to rejoice in trials? Apparently several more for thick-heads like me.

I recently bought a compact Bible for my purse. This morning I marked all the verses you all shared with me in green-colored pencil. In this Bible, green will be my encouragement color, reminding me of spiritual growth. Thanks to you, I can again experience God speaking to me through his living, powerful and active Word.

Personal Revival Begins with Brokenness

Nancy Leigh Demoss’s Seeking Him series begins with explaining that personal revival begins with brokenness. (I downloaded Nancy’s audio sermons to my MP3 player and listen daily–what a blessing!) I feel as if I’m in the process of being patched together. I will use this new found 3-week stay in a hotel room to focus on healing, praying for others, and following God’s will.

Out of the Mouths of Babes

God answered your prayer by giving me nuggets of encouragement through my day. While at the dentist we found my 6-year old has an extra tooth–right between his front top teeth. The dentist explained how rare it is. I said “Christopher, you are truly fearfully and wonderfully made. You have an extra tooth because you are special!” He replied in a matter-of-fact tone, “I know and I’m a miracle, too, because you had me when you were old.” I am so blessed. I find it hard to believe I was so discouraged 24 hours ago.

Thank you, dear sisters, for bearing my burdens and taking time out of your busy days to pray for me and writing me words of encouragement. The darkness lasts as long as is necessary for God to accomplish His purpose.

Thank you for being a light to me in my darkness. Know I am praying for you too. We will watch together as God works in each of us shifting us to greater areas of service as we grow in faith.

Job 28:3 He setteth an end to darkness, and searcheth out all perfection.



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  1. Great drawing! I would love to get a purse size compact Bible that includes both NT and OT! I am growing through another “personal revival begins with brokenness” phase. I will be checking out Nancy’s link, too. Lord bless you!

  2. Robin,
    Thanks for your encouraging words to ME when you are in the valley! I hope and pray that this time in the hotel room with God’s Word will give energy to your soul.
    How many kids will be in the hotel with you? May you experience bonding like never before.

  3. Hello, I just found your blog through another blog! I’m sorry you’ve been facing a dark time. I will certainly pray for you. I know these hard times will only make you praise God more, for when you come out on the other side, you’ll have so much praise for Him. Continue to strengthen yourself in the Lord. I know there’s much joy and peace for you to experience. Keep up the fight! Peace to you.

  4. Sharon Sue

    Thank you for sharing, your coming back to peace is helping me stay in peace. After reading your testimony of yesterday, my heart was lifted.

    I’d love to have a compact Bible too, but couldn’t read it if I had one-old eyes see only larger print!!!!! :):)

    Also, wanted to add that many of our problems are only perspective. When you said three more weeks in the hotel, I understood your disappointment, yuk, living in a hotel with little children!!!! At the same time (since I don’t have a home) the thought raced through my head, “how wonderful to know that in three weeks you will have a home to move into.” Our home is coming, some day, down the way, but God alone knows what house and when we can move in!!!!!! I am not a bit jealous of you, I rejoice for you. I am however, learning that perspective is a big thing. I continue to seek for God’s perspective.

    Continuing to pray.

    Sharon Sue

  5. Robin, I had to come back and check on you today. You touched my heart in a place I have been. Your words, “The darkness last as long as is necessary for God to accomplish his purpose”, are true in every area of life. He allows trials, tribulations and difficulties to come our way to “accomplish His purpose in our lives”. But sometimes, His purpose is to use us to affect others…. YOU have affected me. Broadened my scope of prayer. I needed that.
    Robin, I will continue to pray for you and lift your name to our Lord!
    Be blessed sweet NEW friend!
    Trusting Him,

  6. We all love you, Robin!

    Proverbs 3:5-6 :

    Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

    In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

  7. Awww, Robin! YAY!
    God is so good – and so are His people!
    I posted a couple of other prayer requests, if you get a chance to look.I hope you don’t mind I posted yours too.
    Love and blessings!

  8. OH, my heart was beating as I checked your post…and I am so happy! You ‘sound’ so much better…God is amazing in how HE will use this ‘Body of Christ..’ of HIS..the internet..wow!
    I have been where you are…a hotel that is…actually very near Nashville, Clarksville to be exact..that was only one of the 13 moves we have made in soon to be 17 years..I know the patience it requires, I will continue praying…we have also had our buyers walk out of a closing..All part of God’s plan I now know…BUT, I struggled too…knowing that others are covering you with prayer can put your heart at peace…
    I was really feeling your pain yesterday…
    peace…and continue to cling!
    (and she lets out a very thankful sigh!:))

  9. Dear Robin,
    You haven’t ceased being in my daily prayers since I first heard about your heart problems. You and your family. God is able. God is able. God is able.


  10. This is wondeful news! Keep on smiling and shining!

    You are an awesome woman of God and an inspiring mentor to us. We will continue to keep you in prayer.

    Keep us updated!

  11. Lisa Petersen

    Robin, I’ve been praying for you and thank you for praying for me (I’m the one with 3 children, my oldest is 15 and was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at age 9). My dd also was suspected of having this. Thankfully, they are both doing well health wise and seem to be in remission. However, my 15 year old son has been in rebellion and it has been a real tough year for me as I just finalized divorce. So I am a single home schooling mom and have had enough difficulty with my 15 yr. old son that I even called the cop to come talk to him. Which now puts me in the very uncomfortable position of having a social worker visiting tomorrow–YUK. I hesitate to say all this due to fear of people’s judging me but that’s too bad cause I know that’s just Satan and my own pride telling me to keep things to myself. I refuse to do that these days. So I thank you for your prayers for my very weak and broken family, that this visit with social services will be brief and never have to happen again. I don’t want to lose my kids to the faulty system. I know my 15 yr. old needs help and feel God is showing me the way to obtain the best for him. I just hate the social services mentality and anti God way of raising kids. Thank you Robin and hang in there . lisa

  12. Robin, so glad to see that you are doing better! You have been through so many challenges, but you have survived, persevered, and triumphed! You will continue to be victorious because you are faithful. I’m delighted that you are looking forward to the future because that hopefulness will sustain you when more dark days arrive, as they inevitably will.

    Blessings to you!

  13. Good Morning Robin,
    I saw that you were online and just had to pop in to visit. I am so happy to see that the cloud is lifting! What a great reminder of God’s love & care – through that wonderful old song. I think I will have to sing that over & over again today too. You are in my thoughts and prayers Robin! Your post encouraged me as well, as I was just crying & praying out to God about friends & family that do not share our Biblical convictions and health issues as well. Praying God’s blessing on you and yours! (((HUGS)))

  14. Deanne

    Oh Robin,
    I praise God He has kept you in the comfort and strength of His mighty arms. I will continue to pray for you, as you seek contentment (and sanity!) for the next 3 weeks.
    Love Deanne

  15. Prayer WORKS! It really does – and I’m so glad you felt the impact. And kids can always lift your spirits if your eyes are open, can’t they?

  16. Anya Symonette

    Dear Ms Robin I have been visiting your blog for about 5 mths now and 1st time commenting. I am truly blessed by your ministry and continue to pray for you and your family. I too listen to Nancy’s sermon and am praying for revival. God is sovereign and he joins us with others of like precious faith, this truly amazes me. I want to say do not get weary in well doing because in due season you will reap if you faint not. Weeping endures for a night and joy comes in the morning which is soon coming. Thank you for your openness and honesty. Blessings Anya

  17. Tamara Scire

    Robin, you are being used by God to lead mom’s homeschooling their kids. Personally, God has used you to lead me out of a homeschool prison, dark and gray, that I was stuck in and therefore had kept my kids in as well. Two years ago when God had given me that revelation and the truth that the door to the prison was unlocked I just had to step outside, I found your website! It has been a gift to our family. John 10:10 says The thief comes only to steal, and kill, and destroy, I came that they might have life, and might have it abundantly. (NAS)

    Wouldn’t it make sense that the enemy would come to try and do all those things to you as you so diligently seek the Lord and do His will in leading us toward God’s Word and training our special children to be lovers of God’s Word.

    You know you are on the right track when you are faced with many trials, they are testing your faith, producing endurance, God’s glory shines in the middle of it, and Satan is furious that you continue to stay true to your God and testify to His power, might, and glory.

    Awesome, sister, you are who God says you are and you mean EVERYTHING to Him!

    I will pray!

    Tamara Scire

  18. Christian Faith

    I came over from Amy’s to say I was praying for you and here everyone was already! Praise God for caring for you, and so thankful for readers who care so much. so happy that you are better. Those dark valleys can be so lonely at times….

  19. Hi Robin,
    I was wondering if you are still doing the “Fruit of the Spirit Friday”?
    If yes, please also let me know how I can get the button.
    Thank you so much!

  20. Hey Robin,

    What a difference a day makes, huh? God is so good. All the time- even when it doesn’t feel like it! It’s so strange how circumstances loom so large and seem so overpowering at times, and then when our perspective changes – when God comes in and fills us with His peace – all those things seem small and insignificant. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! I’m so glad you’re experiencing His peace and strength. Rejoicing in the midst of the trial – I wish it was an easier skill to learn!


  21. Love that drawing! Too cute!

    My daughter actually has a missing tooth that didn’t form when she was a baby. 🙁

  22. For all those who liked the drawing, I’ve passed the compliments along to the artist. The site it came from has a slightly different theme, but we would still appreciate your visits!


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