Learning to Learn Together

Most homeschool mothers will tell you they learn more teaching their children than they ever learned in school. It is God’s way. He commanded us to teach our children, it isn’t surprising He built in a way for us to grow through the process.

It is our job to motivate our students. We need to find and push the student’s hot buttons. Instead of demanding we need tomake the lesson applicable to the student’s life just as Jesus did when he talked to fishermen about fish, shepherds about sheep, etc.

Assigning a number of pages to read in a textbook is not teaching. Dr. Bruce Wilkinson explains, in The Seven Laws of the Learner, “Talking in front of a class is not teaching. True Biblical teaching doesn’t take place unless students have learned. If they haven’t learned we haven’t taught. “

Only a very small percentage of children will learn if all you do is hand out assignments. Most children, 75% according to learning-style studies, need more. The Heart of Wisdom approach is specifically designed to be a parent-child interaction program. It is at first parent directed, then delight directed, beginning with the parent teaching the student until he or she is internally motivated to study lead by the Holy Spirit.

At first –Parent Directed–teaching the student until he or she is internally motivated to study lead by the Holy Spirit–Delight Directed.

According to Jere Brophy (1987), motivation to learn is a competence acquired “through general experience but stimulated most directly through modeling, communication of expectations, and direct instruction or socialization by significant others (especially parents and teachers).”

Learning together can be a very stimulating intellectual and spiritual experience. Much of the material in The Heart of Wisdom unit studies will be new to the teacher as well as to the student. Teacher-student exploration will promote yet another bond between parent and child.

Are you reading through the Bible with us? Today’s 4-Step Bible lesson is on Joshua.


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