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We worship a Jewish Savior, whose Jewish disciples founded a Jewish religion in Israel. The latest discoveries from Israel that help us understand Jesus and his teaching more accurately!

Jesus Our Jewish Savior Video

We study a Hebrew book-written by Hebrews; we serve a Hebrew Lord-who had Hebrew disciples; we desire to follow the first century church-which was first predominately Hebrew; and through Christ, we are grafted into a Hebrew family! It makes sense to study our fascinating heritage.

This is a refreshing, new, exciting way to view the Bible! Much of the Bible is mysterious to most Americans. The perplexing phrases, puzzling actions, the sometimes difficult-to-understand words of Jesus, unconventional holidays, and parables are only understood with an awareness of the Hebrew culture. A Christian’s roots are deep in Judaism through Christ, all the way back to Abraham! And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise (Gal. 3:29).

Studying Scripture from our Western/ American/ Greek view is like looking for gold in a dark mine with a dim pen light–you can see enough to stumble around but you need more light to see clearly. A good grasp of the ancient Hebraic customs and terminology would allow you to reexamine Scripture in this powerful flood light, exposing intricate details and treasures.

This excellent video above from To the Ends gives an overview of our Hebrew roots. Listen to audios below for more.

For more information see To the Ends

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  1. Lisa Arndt

    Thank you Robin! The kids and I watched the video this morning. It was very interesting and informative. You have been a blessing as usual, may God bless you. Lisa

  2. Thanks for posting this – it was great and easy to listen to for my kids!

  3. I am so very blessed to be a Messianic Jewess. This video was great. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Grateful to be Christian woman of Jewish heritage (Russian)! Interesting video, thanks! We can avoid worhipping an incorrect picture of Jeshua if we avoid all pictures of him, Ex 20:4!
    I am not a dispensationalist, so I embrace Old & New Testamants while being saved by grace alone through faith alone, and enjoy learning of my Jewish roots! I’ll look more at your website and thank you for your work!
    Please look at our website link above, offering pro-life, pro-God, and politically incorrect bumper stickers!

  5. Ginnie

    am more than halfway done watching this and I think it is a very good 101 “course” for people new to the Hebraic roots of our faith.

    The only thing I’ve found so far that I disagreed w/ is that Gentiles don’t have to obey G-d’s laws… Gentiles are grafted INTO the olive tree, they become ONE with what G-d established, they do not start their own tree, own customs… I know there are other verses, but Numbers 15 comes to mind where we are told there is one Torah/one law/one custom for all.

    Besides that, which I do believe is a biggie, the video is good.

  6. Mary Lord

    I really enjoyed listening to this. It was very good. Taught me some new things I never knew before. e.g. the fact that it says that Peter was called one of “the first christians”. I didn’t know that they didn’t convert over from Jewdiasim to christianity. They still kept their Jewish roots. Didn’t realize that before since the “christian churches don’t teach that. I’m interested in knowing more about the cookbook and many of the other books as well.

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