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Is Suffering Optional?

Is Suffering Optional?

As a “Christian” is suffering optional? Can we exist at peace and at ease with the world around us? Francis Chan’s teaches suffering isn’t something we should fear, it is something we should strive to be acquainted with. Don’t miss this wisdom.

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God’s Word  warns us not to be surprised by trials, hardships and the difficulties of this life, but to rejoice in the fact that we suffer on Christ’s behalf…and all this so that on the day that we stand before His throne, we can be filled with joy at His glorious revelation to the world (1 Peter 4:12-13)

“Like the storm on Galilee, it matters little what we do, only what He will do. By keeping our eyes on him we can be free of fear or anxiety no matter what we might encounter in this life. “~Wayne Jacobsen

Suffering is a teacher.  We can teach our children by example that God is with us every moment of every day and the fruit will be joy, peace, and happiness.



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  1. Lisa Arndt

    Very powerful. And convicting. Thank you!

  2. Life is very good
    It is also very hard
    Joy in the journey

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