In Memory of My Daughter

She was beautiful, giving, amazingly talented. She was the most loving person I have ever known. She loved her children emormously and was usually seen with one of them in her loving embrace. Her laugh was infectious. She was inspirational, amazingly creative in business, crafts, and art. She was the peace maker in our family. She was my “go to” person for business or creative advice. She was my daughter, she was my close friend.

My third daughter, Victoria suddenly and unexpectedly passed away Thursday, January 9th, 2014. Please pray for Vicky’s sweet husband Jim and her her three sons: Stephen (15), Timothy (13), and Brandon (11).

Words do not exist to adequately express the pain and sorrow I feel for the loss of my sweet baby daughter. She was a joyful child, in every childhood photo she is laughing or giggling. She became a beautiful woman and adoring mother. Everyone that knew her felt her love, hugs, and generosity.

We were very close even though separated by miles (she lived in Orlando area and I’m in TN) we talked four or five times a day and visited a few times each year.

About ten years ago, she faced many challenges when she went from full-time homeschool mom to  single mom and student then eventually business owner.  She faced the world with unparalleled hope and optimism during those struggling years. Her creative passion inspired hundreds.

Seven years ago, Vicky married the love of her life, Jim. Jim was a family friend and knew Vicky since she was a teen. Jim opened his arms longingly to Vicky’s three boys. Our entire family is grateful for the love Jim (and his family) brought into Vicky’s life.

Many family members and friends voiced fond memories of Victoria’s huge heart, her kindness to everyone, her empathy for those in need and her love for her family at her funeral on January 13th (the day after her 37th birthday).

I am pleased that the adjectives used over and over were fruits of the Spirit: loving, joyful, kindness, giving.

Vicky now lives, in a place more wonderful than we could ever imagine, filled with beautiful light, happy people, flowers, angelic beings, and indescribable joy. She is enveloped in pure love by our merciful Father, Her Abba. She now longer sees like we do–through a mirror dimly, but face to face. She now knows fully. There is no more pain, worry or tragedies for her. She is overflowing with forgiveness, love, and joy.

Vicky had pneumonia when he was 2 weeks old and her heart stopped for 6 minutes. God gave her back to me, my gift, for three days shy of 37 years. I treasure every minute my beautiful baby girl was here on earth and look forward to seeing her again.

Victoria’s siblings are all devastated. She was survived by my other children Belinda, Rebecca, Daniel, Regina, Michael, Anthony, David and Christopher.

Thank you all for your kinds words of encouragement, prayers, and extensions of sympathy. Every word has been embraced and meant so much. God has been faithful and my source of comfort. I feel God powerfully. I know He is doing a work in spite of what I see on the surface. Praising and trusting Him.


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