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Home Sweet Home: Now in TN

house shelbyville

shelbyville house

We are in our home on 20 acres in Shelbyville, TN and I have internet access (satellite). What a blessing! It feels like home even though I have a lot of unpacking to finish. I’ve been busy preparing a fenced area for our animals. Our horses will be delivered this weekend.

Please Pray for My Sister!

Thank you for praying for my sister Charlotte. Friday she had surgery to remove her pacemaker and infection from her heart and lungs. We are very concerned because she is still on a respirator (6 days now) and not yet awake. I’d appreciate your continued prayers.

It will be awhile before I have time to blog regularly but I will be back soon, I have lots of encouragement to share. Blessings to you all.


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  1. Hi Robin,
    Wow, Tennessee, Im so glad things are falling into place for you. I bet your loving the cooler weather…I will continue praying for you and your family and for your sister. Make sure to get some rest and dont overdo it, Im excited about your news and that your back online. Cant wait to get some updates, I miss hearing from you!!! (((hugs)))

  2. Robin,

    If we ever leave Minnesota, it will be to go to Tennessee. My husband sometimes looks for land out that way ~ I will most definitely add your sister to my prayers.

  3. Whoohoo, a new home and a beaut one at that!! I’ve missed your Internet presence but family comes first.

    Also, I’ve been praying for your sister and family.

    Bless ya,

  4. I am so sorry about your sister! I’ll be praying for her. She is blessed because she is in God’s hands!

  5. So glad you are in your new home. I pray you will be settled in soon. It is a very nice place, congradulations!!!!! I pray that everything works out with your move and that you are happy in TN!!!! Also, praying your sister recovers soon. God bless you all.

  6. Your new home is so lovely! Thanks for taking the time to update with pictures. I will pray for your sister. And for you, too, as you support the family in this.

  7. What a lovely home. You must be so happy to be moved in. Congratulations also on weathering the hotel time.

    I pray Yahweh will pour His healing upon your sister. Please keep us posted as to how she is doing.

  8. Thats an awesome site, Robin. Your new home looks great!

    I’d love to know more about Home schooling. Is this possible in India?


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