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Hello from Tennessee

Lesson Plan Bank

The Lesson Plan Bank is still in development. You can take a peek here and here.

House Hunting in Tennessee

This week, our family has been staying in a downtown Nashville extended-stay hotel while we look for a new home. We spent three days house hunting north of Nashville but felt the Lord leading us much further south.

Once we visited Shelbyville (an hour south of Nashville), we fell in love with the farm community . My dh is willing to drive an hour to and from work in Nashville so we can live in a wholesome area.

We just put an offer on a farm house. This beautiful home with 20 acres is less than half the price of our Virginia home (houses in the Washington, D.C. area are unbelievably expensive) .

The Shelbyville home has a lot of running room for growing boys, a barn for our horses (and maybe cows and goats) and a barn for farm equipment. It was obvious from the books on the bookshelves the home is owned by a Christian family. The tranquil view from the home is miles of rolling pastures. The next-door neighbor has about 50 head of cattle.

God is so good! We are blessed. Prayers have been answered over and over. I am stronger daily and have most of my strength back (healing from bypass heart surgery). I was run off the road by a semi-truck on the way here but no one was harmed. God led us to the sweetest Christian realtor who is my new friend (we later found she attends church with one of my daughters). We planned on living in a much smaller home but, as usual, God supplied more than we asked for.

Prayer Requests

Please pray God’s will be done in these areas:

  1. Please pray for my husband’s leg to heal. He’s been on crutches or a cane for a month and he is starting his new job Tuesday in Nashville.
  2. Pray our Virginia home sells quickly. We are going to buy a Tennessee home with our home still on the market.
  3. Pray the owners of the Shelbyville home will be receptive to our offer (if it’s God’s will).
  4. Please pray for wisdom and speed for the lesson bank developers (paid by the hour).

Thank you so much for all your prayers during our recent health issues and now this relocation. I should be home next week to start packing. Here is a map of the Shelbyville area:


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  1. Prayers being spoken on your behalf especially in the areas you mention.

    I’m not sure exactly what your upcoming “Lesson Plan Bank” is but it already has me intrigued.


  2. May His will be done in your lives! Our prayers are with you…much love, Chrissy

  3. Oh Robin,
    It’s lovely to hear from you. You have been in my prayers and thoughts. All I can say is Amen!!! God is good! I’m rejoicing with you over all God’s provision in your life. I didn’t know that your dh was on crutches- I’ll add this to my prayers.


  4. prayers that you will LOVE Tennessee!! God IS so good! I checked in today to see how it went, and I was so excited for you…it sounds like a dream!!
    again, you encourage and bless so many….thank you and prayers for a smooth transition…

  5. Michelle B

    Praising God for His hand of protection and blessings upon you! May all go well with the sell of your home and purchase of your new place. God is good! And your ponies are darling!

    ~Blessings Michelle B.

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