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Heart of Wisdom Unit Study Reviews

Heart of Wisdom Unit Study Reviews

Here are just a few of the comments we have received about Heart of Wisdom Unit Studies. Please feel free to add your own below.

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The Science Units are wonderful as well, tying it all together in the creation order. We are just beginning the Wisdom Unit and are gleaning so much already. I know that God orchestrated HOW becoming part of our homeschooling.

I was drawn to these studies because of the focus on the Bible. But quite honestly, what is keeping me is the quality of content and the ease in lesson preparation!! I plan on staying with these studies as they come out. We are currently doing the Wisdom study and I absolutely think it is outstanding.

I would highly recommend HOW to anyone who has been intimidated by the preparation involved in doing Unit Studies. Robin has done a wonderful job in selecting resources and activities.

We just started using the Heart of Wisdom unit studies and we all find that they are truly a blessing. I started by ordering the Light e-book and then I realized that I should start with Creation and then do Adam to Abraham. I ordered all the key resources, even though I do not need them. I am still waiting for a couple to come in. We are all looking very forward to it!!! Thank you and God Bless.

I love Heart of Wisdom. I am so grateful to the Lord for bringing this program to my attention. Your web site has also prodded me toward learning about Hebrew roots and Biblical Holidays. I feel like I’m entering a whole new world in my relationship to the Lord.

I am using HOW as the history program for my 11 year old and we are learning so much together. My high school son is using HOW for his Bible curriculum. It will take my younger son 2 or 3 years to complete and my older son only has 1 year left of school so he will finish it in one year.

I am so excited to be putting this material into both boys hearts so that they can have God’s wisdom and make wise decisions for their life. Thank you so much for this program! It is making a big difference in our lives.

I used Sonlight as a beginning homeschooler and appreciated the layout of timing & material usage (& the wonderful books), however; the H.O.W. focus point reaches for a greater depth in the study of and relationship with God that is precious to my soul and to the heart and focus of my family.

THIS (H.O.W.)is the way the Creator of my family has beckoned my heart to rear these children I’m blessed to have. Thank you, Robin, for obeying the Creator in your responsibility with H.O.W. so that I, in turn, can obey Him in my responsibility with my children.

This curriculum achieves the high hope my heart held for our homeschooling experience and my personal experience as a mother and an ever-learning believer. Importantly, too, lessons are already planned out for easy preparation. What a joy I count it all!

My 16 year old has always been in Christian school until last year. He has always struggled to learn and hated school. Last year I saw him beginning to rebel like so many others his age. I did Abeka last year at home with him and he hated it too.

All summer I searched the web for something better and when I finally ran across the Heart of Wisdom web site, I felt my spirit dance inside me. I knew in my spirit that this is what the Lord wanted me to do. So this year I began my son, a junior on your program and he is thriving. His moods are better. He does his school work without being asked and is eager to do it. He does not argue hardly at all. He got grounded for not finishing some work and when I told him he could not go out with his friends until he finished his work, he did not argue or nothing(it was 4 days). It just goes to show that when we do things the Lords way He blesses us. I thank God for all the work you have done on this and will be doing. May God bless you and all your gifts to His work!!

I have to tell you that finding your site was truly a Godsend. I’m brand new to homeschooling and had this idea in my mind of what God wanted me to do with our children and our family, but I had no idea where to start. When I began reading all of the material on the HOW site it was as if God were speaking directly to me. HOW is awesome! My children are in K – 2 – 7/8.

This is my first year with HOW. I have now been teaching with it for about 6 weeks. I am still learning A LOT but am getting a little more comfortable with it. I still allow the children to spend too much time in all the different activities, but we are really enjoying it, and I feel, we are all learning a lot. I love being in the Bible more, textbooks less, and seeing how the Bible relates to our lives today.

HOW is the best curriculum I have ever seen and/or used in the secular or Christian homeschool market- bar none! Nothing compares to it at all !! According to the kids- and me!

Plus- you don’t have to buy any key resource books if you cannot afford it. You can use the internet links and still cover everything in detail! So it is quite economical for families with small budgets. THAT is liberating in itself! We loved all the internet links. There was no way you could NOT learn, or miss something with the abundance of links for each e-book.

I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone looking for the truth in history/science told in a non-threatening way. Not doctrinal teachings, but the actual truth, no matter where that leads for your children and you. And what could be more Biblical than that?

The Bible incorporated into daily FIRST readings, as the primary curriculum, was the best thing we have ever done for our children. The perfect way to start a day, instead of trying to fit it in as a small subject. IT IS the subject, then all else falls in around it. And as Robin said once, if you get nothing else done that day, at least the most important thing has been finished. THAT is what we want for our children. The firmest foundation possible.

Excellent array of resources, enough so that I don’t have to do too much work in watering the material down for my pre-K, K, and 1st graders.

I love the Hebraic focus. HOW Ancient History is very complete, easy to use and we love the Hebrew vocabulary lessons. We already had a few of the resources. (Writer’s Express, Beechick, Kingfisher) I have circulated this through our homeschooling support group and you have subsequently gotten a lot of exposure and three orders of “What your child needs to know when”, and another HOW unit study order. Thank you for excellent resources!!

We finished the Creation Unit and we will be starting Adam to Messiah this week. It looks very well written,and has many resources to choose from. We enjoyed the Creation Unit.(Evolution is a very confusing topic, I think Creation is actually easier to believe and understand.)We are anxious to start our next unit Adam to Abraham.

This is the approach I’ve been looking for. It’s truly BIBLE BASED.

The Lord has put a great love in my heart to return to the Jewish roots from which Christianity arose. I am overjoyed to find Hebrew definitions and meanings included in the lesson studies. I know that God intends for my family to apply His Word in every part of our lives. Never was there an intention that we separate education and spirituality. God has a plan in HOW studies. Finding my niche and enjoying it all the way!

We went to HOW for its Hebraic centered teaching and approach. We had been focusing on the Classical method but I didn’t like the Hellenistic approach and the almost total lack of Jewish presence.

We have loved it so far, though we are moving slowly through the material for greater retention of the truths. We have only been using the materials for 1 month. I believe HOW is an answer to prayer & it has been a great blessing to my family. We are using Creation & Wisdom currently.

We are only a few lessons into it & already my 14 yr. old is planning to put a Creation Science Club together [there isn’t one in our area] in order to encourage/ teach others the truth of a literal, 6 day Creation & its foundational importance.

The units are teaching ME so much. The Wisdom unit has been very convicting & has led to many precious & invaluable discussions with my children. I so appreciate the ease of use & the fact that HOW can be used in the way God leads a particular family using it. Because of this ability to flex to the family & be individualized, How keeps learning engaging & interesting rather than dry. Thank you Robin for all of the hard work you’ve put into HOW!

I first heard about HOW from a book called “The Things We Wish We’d Known” I was depressed with what I thought were my curriculum options, and was looking for some encouragement. I found your article and immediately used the address listed in the back of the book to find your books. Read as much as I could, prayed about making this huge change in our schooling. It’s frightening to toss out the textbooks. We have loved the change to HOW curriculum, I wish I had made this change years ago. I have always wanted to teach this way, but I was afraid of my own short-comings. I was afraid I didn’t have the knowledge that it would take to successfully teach my children without textbooks.

We had started a timeline, but it sat undone because we didn’t know where to find the resources to complete it. We started studying and celebrating the Biblical feasts; you gave us the nudge we needed to have a full experience of the feasts, without feeling like we were neglecting our school studies. We are thrilled with the change to HOW, school is finally the way of life we had wanted it to be. Thank You from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for all of the time and energy that you have put into this work, so that other mom’s can be a success.

I am using the Ancient History: Adam to Messiah bound book and I thoroughly enjoy it! My children like being able to choose their own activities and they can be as simple or complex as I need them to be according to the ages of my children. Thanks for such great materials to teach my children!

I have just begun to use HOW for first year history – Adam to Messiah. I LIKE it A LOT! I searched for a year to a year and a half for a Hebraic homeschooling method. The Lord definitely led us to you and we are thankful and excited! I struggled on my own before, but now I have in my hands what I need and a suggested course of direction that we alter as the Lord leads. This year has definitely started off much better than in the past and we look forward to the remainder of the year! We are looking to purchase the Creation unit study shortly. Thank You!!!

We have done unit studies for the last 4 years and started this one this year. I knew we’d made the best decision when, after reading one of the “Excite” sections, my 6th grade daughter declared, “I just love how this is written! It’s easy to follow and understand and really catches my interest!”

I love all the information, I am very supportive of your work to heavily integrate the bible and Hebraic roots into this curriculum and that is what interests me most.

I love HOW…we got past the 11th chapter of Genesis (which we spent a semester on)… Over all I LOVE the book and plan to use it till my child graduates ….thank you for the effort, time and prayer you put into this bo ok….

I’m planning to take my oldest from Creation through Present and use all the Science & Life Skills when she reaches High School. The younger children follow along at their own level. Thank you for providing RESOURCES FOR YOUNGER CHILDREN. We’ll purchase units and use them as finances allow and rely on God to fill in the rest. I’m positive He will!

We started with the Creation Ebook. So much was learned. There are so many offerings in each lesson and it is wonderful. Thank You!

It has been a terrific resource for my own study, which in my opinion is without question the most undermentioned area of homeschooling across the board for new and seasoned homeschoolers alike, Had I had this years I am certain my approach toward “unschooling” would have been much less a factor though honestly I am thankful I did it that way then plow on forward into my own understanding of “education”

I knew this was what God had intended for me after a very short time on your web site, I may not utilize all lessons, or resources with my kids but those we do are memorable to all of us. His timing is certainly not mine,come to think of it…and in all likelihood I would have had very unrealistic expectations on myself and my two children if I had found this earlier.

I disagree with Mary Prides magazines’ recent critique of HOW , in that I would never classify it mainly to families with lots of children. That was certainly never a consideration of mine. Just thought I would mention it as I found it odd!I also didn’t include in the above survey any intention of using some of your newer units. Would love to and will at some point I am certain but trying to prioritize and eliminate so much of what I have already purchased in the last 6 years(would fill a “real” classroom or two) but can’t say I am not tempted when I see them…I bought your What Your Child Needs to Know When years ago.

One confirmation God often gives me that I am plodding along the path intended for my family(OK perhaps not the path but at least on the map somewhere) is continued revelation to just how faulty my conception of education is was and continues to be and how HE continues to encourage my enlightenment despite my relentless insistence on using the compass rose of others. Thanks again Robin!

This is a great study for the whole family… even my husband and college-aged son get in on some of the studies in the evenings. We also have a neighbor boy or two who occasionally join us in the afternoons for some of our best HOW studies that I save to do with them. :o) My only negative is that my boys still don’t like to write, so assignments can take a long time to get done. I love to writ e… so does my sister and my nieces, so I don’t know if this is just a boy thing of not liking to write or what. They far prefer projects that don’t end up on paper in a notebook… this is starting our 3rd year using HO W…

Dear Robin, At least 8 years ago I began looking into FAR ABOVE RUBIES and using it with my daughter. Thank you for making that available. After reading about H.O.W.in WHAT YOUR CHILD NEEDS TO KNOW WHEN, about 3-4 years ago, it Changed my life.

We dropped everything and began one of our best years ever. We just used the bible and other living books I had on hand, all three children (16,11,3) working together enjoying the Bible just from what you outlined in the book.(no extra money) Just implementing what we already had, never having had time to use before. I can tell all the hard work you put into Heart Of Wisdom Unit Studies come from what you have done with your own family, and it is defiantly an upgrade from FAR.

Thank You so much. I have Homeschooled for 15 years. I really have enjoyed using Your new study Adam to Messiah, once I finally got brave enough to down load it .I absolutely love it. (I am new to computers) But the links from the books are definitely worth it. Now I am ready to buy more Ebooks. Its not that hard or scary after all. Thanks again.

We have had only positive times since we started HOW, our 5yo is coming along in leaps and bounds with her biblical knowledge which is always encouraging to see in your children. I put this sudden growth in her down to the discussion and writing/drawing that goes on after we have read a bible story rather than just the reading. I could go on and on about how changing to HOW and the 4 step lessons has been a positive change for our homeschool.

I love the Heart of Wisdom unit studies. My children are excited about school since we started these unit studies. My main reason for home schooling was to teach my children that God is the center, beginning and end of everything and this curriculum does just that. Thank you Robin.

I love the approach, that it’s Bible based, and the great support found on the web site! This curriculum is so well organized, and it’s obvious you poured all your love into it! If anyone wants the curriculum they use to double as a “witness”, they should use HOW!

I L-O-V-E it. I am praising God for this marvelous curriculum! I am thanking Him for your steadfastness and dedication! Thank you to you, too! This is just what I have been looking for, and I am thrilled to have it available to us!! There is no labor that isn’t a thousand times more than planned – I just *know* that you will be reaping HUGE blessings from your labors with HOW for a l-o-n-g time to come. On the days that it really gets too much – PLEASE remember what a HUGE blessing you are giving many sincere Moms who are VERY grateful and thanking God for your work!

We are just getting started on this journey and I already love it. I am so pleased to find an hebraic approach to learning that is for the entire family, not just the school-aged.

I am using HOW with one daughter now (age 14) and another (age 13) will soon join her. I love it. It is so versatile both in use for different ages and in activities for different learning styles, etc. It is the first Bible study plan that I have stuck with for more than a week or two. Plenty of variety in this area too.

The lessons are well-written and offer many resources, both books and Internet, so there’s no trouble finding information for research. The web site gives lots of ideas for simplifying it for younger students too as well as tons of good info on educational philosophy which I love reading and rereading!

My daughter has greatly enjoyed your creation unit and the Adam to Messiah unit. I purchased only the first two units in ebound form(would love to have them in book form). We just finished these studies. We took longer than the recommended schedule. I am currently taking a short fall break, as we started in the summer, and am trying to decide whether to purchase the next two units(one science and one history). I love your heart and focus on the scripture…

I love the various internet resources. Most of them have been accessible and worthwhile.

I really appreciate the internet links and reference lists. It is a big help, and reduces the time needed to prepare lessons. We also appreciate the reference to bibles verses in each unit. We are really enjoying our study of Ancient History – Adam to Messiah.


I have found that using H.O.W. has developed in my daughter a love of the bible and has made a great change in her character development….and there are sooooo many things that catch her interest that at times she finds it overwhelming till we sit down and go over what it is she wants to accomplish for the year…and gives us a sense of focus…..

I found out for us that trying to use all resources was too much and cut down on the internet links and a few books. Above where it asks about computer use. My children will not be using the computer till at least 16 or 17 depending on the child. Also of much help to us, we began using the Robinson Curriculum method with your books and my printing the unit page for the children as to which books they were to read. Later we will incorporate back in more of the assignments but we are in the middle of something else. We have a lot of discussion around the books we read from your units and it all relates some how to whatever other Bible Studies we are doing. There is a real depth there that we might not have had with out HOW! We are very pleased.

We have enjoyed using your unit studied this far. My children are learning, but I do not think the realize how much. I enjoy starting with the Bible and making it the central theme. I know that this is the path that the Lord would have for my family as He continues to affirm this decision. We are excited everyday to see what we will be doing in the next lesson. I am able to do all my planning one day at a time and am not be overwhelmed with any of it.

I love the format of the unit studies and find them to be easy to use .Thanks oh and by the way my children love them too.

Your materials have been very helpful in teaching me how to draw Scriptural applications into all of our daughter’s lessons. Keep up the good work.

LOVE IT! I already loved The Biblical Holidays Book that we started using last year. Then I loved the What Your Child Should Know When book I purchased after that. I was feeling more and more freedom as a Mom/Educator and growing to understand even more fully, WHO I AM as a Christian! (Geez, I’m 38, it takes soo long, it seems) And then, I accidentally found this site (haha) that pictured these 2 books that I already LOVED as resources…only to discover that ROBIN is the author of the whole curriculum!

I felt like I had hit the jackpot. I already knew I would love the material because of my life-changing experiences with the other books. I have recommended these materials to mothers over and over and over! I love going deeper with my girls in the Word. This was lacking terribly for our first 3 years, but I didn’t really ‘get’ what was discouraging me so. Now, I feel a real sense of purpose, vision and accomplishment. I praise God for how we are growing. I know we are just scratching the surface on all He has to teach and show us. Worship time is also very important to us, and that has gotten put aside a little for this, so i need balance. …. We just love it!

What has absolutely helped me more than anything else is the 4 step lessons applied to our Bible time. I LOVE setting aside the first hour and a half each day to pray, worship, and study together. Our children are 7, 8 and 9 (almost 10), and their 4th step includes writing assignments, penmanship, dictation, map work, drawing, coloring, study of additional resources, and the occasional “project,” such as a diorama, salt dough map, or role play.

THANK YOU for challenging us to use the Bible as the “heart” of our studies. By the way, we only get through a chapter or two each day, but that works for us…we figure we’ll finish the Bible in about 5 years! We are using the NIV for now so that everyone can help in the reading.

We are studying how to apply this system with our children. We can see God`s hand in this material. This is a tremendous revolution for parents willing to serve the Lord. Thanks for being a blessing for our family. God bless you with more wisdom.

I am just getting started but what I appreciate best is that HOW gives me a game plan for teaching what I want to teach my children. It gives to me what I don’t have time to research and plan by myself.


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