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Week 1 is now available. A new five day lesson plan will be added every Sunday evening at 6:00 pm. The Lesson Plans are free!

Heart of Wisdom Day by Day Lesson Plans

The Heart of Wisdom Day by Day Lesson Plans have been created in response to Heart of Wisdom users.

Some of you prefer just a few steps. Instead of a 10 page menu you’d rather glance at the lunch specials page. Well now you have a short and sweet schedule for each day. It has been a labor of love that I look forward to working on each week.

Week 1 is now available. A new five day lesson plan will be added every Sunday evening at 6:00 pm. The Lesson Plans are free! We ask that you do two things. 1. Leave a comment and 2. Tell a friend.

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Please read through the following pages carefully

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Heartofwisdom teaching approach

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  1. Hey, I just have a quick recommendation for you! It’s the first book in a planned series (“Today in Science Class) that presents a God-centered reason for various topics. The first is causation, and the book is “Ben’s Big Bang Botheration;” Ben learns in science class that the universe “just is,” there’s no part for God in it at all, in his science teacher’s view and teaching. The book talks about questioning, about doubts and how ultimately Ben realizes God is the most logical explanation for the existence of our universe. The book even has a teachers’ guide I think parents will find incredibly useful.

  2. Thank you so much for your obedience and faithfulness, God will bless you abundantly in your walk with Him, and you are gathering treasures in heaven with all the goodness you sow through your products and givings.

    I have such a testimony for you! I have read your book and as I was reading through it God ministered to me. I always had a desire to be at home with my kids, but financially we could not do it. Then through a number of events God gave me the desire of my heart and although difficult we had to learn to trust only on God for all provisions when we lost everything. Well even though we financially struggle, we have never been happier as I am with my children and homeschooling them as the Lord leads and directs. As I took my son out of his very small christian school I explained why I were doing it and told them about your approach, they were in awe and the Chairman of the board’s wife had a vision for the school some years ago, describing your approach in detail! How awesome is God! They still praying about it and hopefully they will find a way to be obedient and follow your approach of a true biblical teaching!

    God Bless
    South Africa

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