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Free Homeschool Unit Study Planner

Unit Study users will find this daily planner helpful. This Planner focuses on the most important part of your day: Bible time.

List your daily Bible reading and have students listen for the key charters, key concepts and key location. There is also a place to plan your day in 30 minute increments, a section for copy work, resource page numbers, notes, assignments for math and language assignments and more all one one page.


  1. Lola T.

    A study planner is useful for lessons to carry out. It is nice that there is a schedule and there is a key concept. I also like this because it is about the bible and learning its moral lesson is also important for the kids to know. Is Spanish another topic or subject? Anyway, Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m on the hunt for a homeschool planner. Thank you for sharing this one. I like the Biblical focus and the inclusion of chores. Thanks!

  3. I would find this planner to be too much for me. I have the chores on the fridge I print out and change slightly each week. I have a flexible routine so we know that we will begin with BIble Study and we just do the next lesson in the study we are in. For Math, it is the next lesson. My children and I know it and don’t need to record it. Then we have Language Arts, and it is part of the next lesson, spelling fun or test, and reading aloud their choice of book to me. I may include a handwriting lesson depending on the lesson in our LA books. We do a short Spanish lesson four days and then Sign one day. We have lunch and play outside. We come back in for afternoon studies that is the next unit study in the HOW method. We alternate Science and History and have a fun afternoon. I takes me a few hours to plan a list of ideas to do with the topics after I have pulled out the resources I have for the topic. This is the most fun of our day. We do whatever is on my list that works for the day.
    Our day is finished up by rotating a schedule: formal art, life skills, geography, Christian and Missionary bios, and Wisdom literature. We do only one a day, then one the next until we have rotated the schedule. I added this in this year because we have too many fun things to do!
    At night we read through God’s Word, front to back before bed. I don’t need anything but a marker in the BIble we are reading.

    So, you can see, I don’t even need a planner, I only plan one day before I start a new unit and it is just a list of great ideas to compliment the study we are going to do.

  4. Pleasant, this is definitely going within my bookmarks!

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