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Free: The Patriarchs Lapbook

The Patriarch Lapbook is being migrated into a new online format with 4-Step Lessons. Please be patient as we move over the files.

patriarch Lapbook


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  1. Cheryl Cronin

    We have enjoyed completing the Genesis 1-11 lapbook. I would like to continue with the Patriarchs lapbook. I cannot seem to access them. I would be willing to purchase it. Let me know how to get them, we were basing our bible lessons from this for the year. It was coinciding nicely with our ancient history too!

  2. Anna Hunter

    Thank you for all the wonderful resources on this site!
    I really would like to use this patriarch lap book, but I am not able to access it either. Can you let me know how to get it? I too would be happy to pay for it if necessary!

    Thanks you!

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