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Free Audio Resources for Ancient History Lessons

I found a terrific Podcast series. Each audio teaching is an excellent Bible study of the book of Acts covering the period of the early church with a wealth of information on the Greek, Roman, and Hebrew cultures of the time with a focus on regeneration–how our lives are regenerated through the death of Christ.

These studies are excellent supplement to the Ancient History: Adam to Messiah. They will be added to the proper lessons in the Link Library i.e the Athens teaching will go in the Ancient Greece links.  Student will learn culture as they learn about the early church and to appreciate spiritual generation.

If you already completed Ancient History studies and are following the chronological  Heart of Wisdom Four-Year Plan this series is perfect to cover the Early Church period as well as review the Greek, Roman, and Hebrew cultures you have completed.

REGENERATION A Lighthouse Series

Staring at the Sky33:26dl play stop
Stand – partial recording33:30dl play stop
Fire37:38dl play stop
Repent50:26dl play stop
The Church46:41dl play stop
Healing52:31dl play stop
Courage29:34dl play stop
All of Me45:28dl play stop
Unstoppable31:32dl play stop
Forgive – Jim Dahlke45:55dl play stop
Coincidence44:51dl play stop
Transformed50:17dl play stop
Transformed – Part 229:39dl play stop
Clean44:50dl play stop
I am a Christian39:06dl play stop
To the Limit48:07dl play stop
Roots47:33dl play stop
Choose Change52:45dl play stop
Timothy49:27dl play stop
Acts 16 – Jim Dahlke38:44dl play stop
Athens45:55dl play stop
Afraid50:04dl play stop
Sons of Sceva49:45dl play stop
Gospel Implications45:14dl play stop
Are You Ready51:55dl play stop
Riot62:07dl play stop
Taken47:04dl play stop
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Lighthouse Collective is a Young Adult Ministries at Woodside Bible Church in Troy, MI. It is comprised of Beta (college age 18-22), Axis (professional and grad student singles 23-28), and Fusion (engaged and newly married twentysomethings). I’m glad they proved these great Podcast becasue I’m way past the ages listed. :)

Take a listen and let me know what you think. I was very impressed! There are more podcast here.

What’s your favorite Podcast? Share in the comments.

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