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Four Movies That Can Change Your Life

Four Movies That Can Change Your Life

The information below will give you a taste (pun intended) of these must-see movies that will show you a natural approach to weight loss, detoxification, prevention and treatment of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, depression and more.

Each explains how you can take small steps towards a healthier life.

Food Inc

In “Food, Inc.”, filmmaker Robert Kenner lifts the veil on our nation’s food industry, exposing the highly mechanized underbelly that has been hidden from the American consumer with the consent of our government’s regulatory agencies, USDA and FDA. Not just eyeopening—shocking!

Food Matters

“Food Matters” is a feature-length documentary film informing you about the best choices you can make for your and your family’s health, in a collection of interviews with leading nutritionists, naturopaths, scientists, physicians and medical journalists.

Watch Food Matters Free online here!

This must-see DVD reveals the dangers of nutritionally-depleted foods, chemical additives, and our tendency to rely on pharmaceutical drugs to treat what’s wrong with our malnourished bodies. It’s no wonder that people in our modern society are getting sicker.

“Food Matters” sets about uncovering the trillion-dollar worldwide “sickness industry” and gives you some scientifically verifiable solutions for preventing and overcoming illness naturally.

King Corn

“King Corn” is a feature documentary about two friends, one acre of corn, and the subsidized crop that drives our fast-food nation.

In “King Corn,” Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis, best friends from college on the east coast, move to the heartland to learn where their food comes from. With the help of friendly neighbors, genetically modified seeds, and powerful herbicides, they plant and grow a bumper crop of America’s most productive, most subsidized grain on one acre of Iowa soil. But when they try to follow their pile of corn into the food system, what they find raises troubling questions about how we eat—and how we farm.


“FRESH” is more than a movie; it’s a gateway to action. Our aim is to help grow fresh food and ideas, and become active participants in an exciting, vibrant, and fast-growing movement.

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    My favorite part of Food Matters is that it focuses on interviews with leading experts in the holistic health and natural healing fields such as David Wolfe, Charlotte Gerson, Andrew Saul, and more. Each of them has inspiring insights, and I actually learned a ton of new information that I didn’t know on the topics of nutritional therapy as cancer treatments and natural detoxing. Additionally, the film does a great job of promoting the need to add more raw foods and superfoods to your diet. Can you say “hello, goji berries!!”?

  2. “I wish everyone in the entire world could see this movie! It’s time we wake up and be accountable to do our own research and provide the proper nutrients to our body’s. We must stop being like cattle in a herd, and look for a new path, a new way. It takes being open and choosing to allow Truth to flow into our life. And be willing to see how controlled our society is based on an intention of money. We must operate now with our intention on Truth.”

  3. Timothy

    Food Matters is one of the most hopeful documentaries I have ever seen. It says that your health is your priority, and education is power – and the key to creating a more healthy body, mind, and spirit.”

  4. “Food Matters is a truly groundbreaking documentary. Thanks to James and Laurentine for their fabulous film and having the guts to get out there and change lives!”

  5. Food Matters is a great documentary. Get’s you to think.

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