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Eating God’s Way Facebook Group

Eating God’s Way Facebook Group

Join our Free Healthy Eating Go's Way Facebook Group for Encouragement, Recipes & Weight Loss

In the last five years, I have had four heart surgeries as a direct result of the SAD (Standard American Diet). Last year, I watched my dear friend JoAnn devastated when her devoted husband died from cancer. This year my third daughter died see SAD Killed My Daughter. 

I have drastically changed the way I eat. I firmly believe most health issues can be reversed through diet. As I study health via the Bible and the teachings by the authors listed below,  I post information on the Facebook Group to motivate and educate others.

If you are interested in changing your eating habits to a biblical, healthy, plant-based, whole foods plan, join in on the free Eating God’s Way  Facebook Group. Feel free to lurk (read only) or jump in and chat

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Reasons Not to eat Pork

Reasons Not to eat Pork

holy cowHope Egan’s perspective is derived from the Three Principles outlined in Dr. Rex Russell’s 1996 landmark book, What the Bible Says about Healthy Living:

1. Eat only the foods that God has given us.
2. Eat those foods as close as possible to God’s design.
3. Don’t let any food or drink become an idol.

Dr. Russell’s groundbreaking book has impacted thousands of lives. Its simplicity, biblical and scientific support and wide range of topics covered make it the most sound perspective on this topic, and the most often cited work in the area of biblical nutrition. That said, there are other interesting perspectives that also contain biblical and scientific support.

Best-selling author Hope Egan has written a variety of books, including Holy Cow! Does God Care about What We Eat?  and the What the Bible Says about Healthy Living Cookbook:  Simple and Tasty Recipes Featuring God’s Ingredients. She has also written for numerous magazines and websites, including Faith and Fitness Magazine and NaturalNews.com.



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