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Do You Harbor Anger, Resentment, Bitterness, Hurt Feelings?

A few days ago I wrote about Brick Walls and how suffering can make us either bitter or better. Bitterness is a poison of emotional venom resulting in critical and judgmental spirits.

Bitterness is a root sin linked with rage, with anger, and with malice (Eph 4:31) that produces fruit of broken relationships in families and churches.

God warns us not to allow bitterness to get a foothold in our lives “see to it that no one comes short of the grace of God; that no root of bitterness springing up causes trouble, and by it many be defiled” (Heb. 12:15).

Why do we hold onto anger? Believers should be forgiving, showing mercy to others just as God has shown mercy to them. Yet Christians are known to be a group that shoots their wounded.

Why? Because hurt people hurt people. Hurt can become a vicious cycle of angry pain.

An unforgiving spirit is devastating. Do you harbor an offense against someone? Do you need release from a heavy yoke? Listen to this excellent sermon by Evangelist Steve Pettit on How to Conquer Bitterness.


And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God in Christ forgave you. (Eph. 4:32).

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  1. Wow…God’s word is powerful, huh? Just listened to the sermon, not thinking (at first) that I had any unresolved bitterness…WHOA…I had (conveniently?) forgotten about the “tenderhearted” part of that scripture.

    So…once again, God is sweetly showing me that there is so much more to being like HIM than what my finite mind can comprehend. I think my favorite line in this sermon was…

    “Is there really something that has been done against you that is worse than what you have done against God?”

    Well, THAT has a way of putting things into the proper perspective!:o) So…I’m at His feet now…asking Him to help me with the “tenderhearted” part. He is faithful…

    Btw, THANK YOU for sharing this, sweet Robin. You are a treasure.:o)


  2. Robin,
    This is a great post, we are dealing with this in our family and boy I love the message!!! Hope your feeling well!!!

  3. Robin,
    Thanks for posting that, it was certainly the best teaching I’ve heard on that subject. My heart felt like it was going to beat right out of my chest.
    My husband & I have been hurt deeply by other Christians, it makes my head spin. Walking out the forgiveness, I find, is a day to day thing.
    This was so helpful.
    God Bless, Lori

  4. Dolores Chamene

    Super post. Bitter or better sums it up well. If we only trust our Father to work things out.

  5. Richard

    hello, your post was very good. My eldest sister and her husband are having similar problems with bitterness and unforgivness towards our parents. Any ideas on what I might be able to do to help my sister and brother (in law)?

  6. If we believe God’s Word we can embrace obstacles and difficulties. We can look at the bigger picture and see God has a greater plan.

    I watched one of the sweetest, kindest, most loving people I have ever known turn into a bitter hard woman in a few short months. Her husband left her and their children after he fell in love with her best friend. She was full of anger and rage. I watched it eat her from the inside out.

    It took over a year and a lot of prayer but she turned back to God. Praise God. She chose to forgive (God, her husband and the other woman) and is now becoming a loving person again.

    I have had the opportunity to watch the transformation. As she allows God to be in charge, she is growing stronger though the deep pain and suffering. I see new fresh fruit in her life. She is learning to continually surrender and forgive as the angry feelings return, again and again. She has to surrender–as we all do, over and over–and each time she grows closer to Christ and produces more fruit of the Spirit.

    When we ask God to make us Christ-like we need to expect difficulties which allow Him to break our pride, rebellion, selfishness and independence so we can learn to be totally dependent on Him.

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  7. This is a hard yet needed post. I’m speaking out of experience. It is not that bad if you forgive the other person. In the end, you benefit from it more than they would. You know you are in the right place when you are in right place with God. And he honors what you do by forgiving even though that offense what the most crual thing that person could do to you. More importantly, you didn’t deserved it.

  8. lismaryt

    I felt bitterness once in my life to my ex husband and it was the worst I cried,screamed and yelled for g
    od to remove that feeling from my heart and that I never wanted to feel bitterness again but 3 years later I’m praying for God to give me bitterness towards someone I’m so in love with and can’t take out my heart its terrible

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