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Devotional for the Disorganized

I originally posted this on my Heart at Home Homemaking Blog but the free 86 page ebook is so encouraging I had to post here, too, so no one misses it.

Amy Verlennich from Dandelion Seeds created a series of lessons to help homemakers with cleaning their homes and devotionals to help the women clean their hearts, as well.

Be sure to pop over to Amy’s blog to thank her for the great freebies!

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  1. I love Amy V. – I have her Clean Heart Devos printed out. I wasn’t ever able to make it past week 4, though… :( Maybe one day life will settle down long enough. :) LOL

  2. Thanks for the 86 page book link.

    btw- I love ziplocks, too! LOL!

  3. I’m on week 5 of Amy’s devotional. Compared to any one of Beth Moore’s devotional, this one gives you lots of time to reflect, do “life”, and even other devotionals, if desired. Funny comic.

  4. thanks somuch for the reminder, I have forgotten she was doing this, I amoff to visit!

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