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Deathbed Letter from My Great, Great Grandmother

Deathbed Letter from My Great, Great Grandmother

old-letter-bg2-1024x665This is a letter to my Great, Great Grandfather from my Great, Great Grandmother in 1887 (original spelling).

She wrote this letter as she lay at death’s door. She died before it was completed. My favorite line is in bold letters.

What a joy it was to find the thing she desired most for her children was the needful thing Jesus spoke about to Martha. I hope it touches you in as emotionally powerful a way as it has me.

“This you shall find some day. Dear John, when I shall have past away forever,and the cold white stone will be keeping its lonely watch over the lips you have sooften pressed, and the sod will be growing green that shall hid forever from your sight the form of one who has so often nestled close to your bosom.

For many long and sleepless nights when all beside my thoughts was at rest. I have wrestled with the consciousness of approaching death, until at last it has forced itself upon my mind, and although to you and to my dear children it might seem but nervous imagination, yet Dear John it is so.

Many weary hours have I passed in trying to reconcile myself to leaving you whom I love so well, and the darling children. God has given us, that need a mothers care and prayers.

Oh, how hard to struggle on silently and alone with the sure conviction that I am about to leave all forever and go alone unto the dark valley of death. But, I know in whom I have trusted and leaning upon his arm, I fear no evil.

I could wish to live if only to watch over you when in pain, sickness and death, but it is not to be so and I submit, you shall share my last thought and prayer on earth.

When I am gone, try and find comfort in Jesus. Never close your eyes to sleepwithout each reading a verse in the Bible and as my little ones grow up teach them to love the Bible and the church of God.

But, amidst all let memory carry them back to a home where the law of kindness reigned, where the mothers reproving eyes was moistened with tears, and the father frouned more in sorrow than in anger.

I know the spot where you will lay me, often have we stood there together. I loved to visit the place and I know you will love it not the less when I lay there…”



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  1. She doesn’t sound like a dying woman, but rather full of hope and strength and life.

    What a treasure! May God will that I sound like this when I’m dying.

    Thank you for sharing

  2. Oh my gosh Robin,…I am all choked up with emotion. Yes, how wonderful and what a joy it must have been for you to read this from your great great grandmother. It can not be clearer that her desires for her husband to teach their children of Jesus and His Word were carried out. What a wonderful godly heritage you have.
    I feel so blessed because the ripple has spread in a big way all the way here to cyberspace and thru Heart of Wisdom,we get to benefit from the relationship she had with her Saviour. What a blessing your family is! You’re writings are a blessing and beacon to us all seeking to raise our children to know God’s Word rather then follow the traditions of men. May God keep you and yours in His peace knowing the width and the depths of His love for you. Love you, sister in Christ! Nothing shall seperate us from His love! What a comforting thought to know that your great great grandmother has been with Jesus for 122 years! Not that time is in eternity but we know that down here. 🙂

  3. ps. Is this an actual picture of your great great grandmother?

  4. That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. yeah, what a memorable piece of advice! I love it and cried! as Allie asked-is that her in the picture?

  6. That is not a photo of my great, great grandmother. Sorry. Just a photo to illustrate the story. They lived simple farm life. I don’t have a photo of her.

  7. Thanks for answering Robin. Her words in this letter are precious enough. You’ll get to see what she looks like in heaven,(minus the wrinkles) but this was a great illustration for the letter.
    I remember your grandmother passed away in 07, like my Dad did. You had quite a spiritual legacy in her as well. Plus she taught you to garden! I’m envious of the godly influences in your upbringing. 🙂 But glad YOU had it. And that you’re giving it to generations to come.

  8. How tender, how rich, how beautiful.

    I weep with the echo of the sentiment you highlighted.

    May that thought never be forgotten amidst the daily challenges of raising these precious ones.

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