Creating a Personalized Spelling Notebook

Each time you notice a misspelled word in a student’s written work, write the word on a list for the student. (Remember to add misspelled words that the spell-checker finds in work written using a word processor.) If the word is again misspelled in written work, the student must add it to his/her Spelling Notebook.

Instruction on creating a traditional paper spelling notebook are list below. If you prefer you can use the Spelling Notebook App available through iTunes.

Spelling Notebook App

Create a personalized list of words to practice. Test your spelling – hear each word spoken. Get a star for each correct word. Practice just the words you have yet to master. Retest your words at anytime. Students can practice their words independently.

Originally designed to be a replacement for a student’s spelling notebook which lists words to be learnt for school each week. Unlike a paper notebook, SpellingNotebook can speak each of the words to enable testing and practice without seeing the written word. SpellingNotebook contains a full searchable spelling dictionary so that words can be added directly to the student’s word list, minimizing entry errors.

Spelling Notebook features:

  • Students can practice independently
  • More than 100,000 words – add new words to the built in spelling dictionary when needed
  • Spelling Notebook has a built in voice that can say all words in its extensive dictionary and any new english words added
  • Optionally Record your own voice for the word you want to practice. You can record just the word, or even a whole phrase to help you recognize which word to spell.
  • Multiple English regions: UK, US, Canada, Australia and NZ
  • Earn a star for correct words
  • Keep multiple word lists
  • Edit word lists: add or delete words, add or delete an entire word list, rename your list
  • Import words from one wordlist into another
  • Words are selected from an extensive dictionary – minimizing entry errors
  • Help available in app to guide and support
  • Word list Copy and Paste
  • History of Word list tests and practice
  • Email test results

The built-in spelling dictionary is automatically selected by region. For countries outside US, Canada, Australia and NZ, the UK spelling dictionary is selected.

Note that recording your words on iPod touch models prior to the 4th generation requires an external microphone. The record button will prompt you if Spelling Notebook detects that no microphone is available.

Recommended Ages: All, Kids

Creating a Spelling Notebook (Paper)

To set up your student’s Spelling Notebook, divide a spiral notebook into 26 sections (one for each letter of the alphabet). Add any words that the student has trouble spelling. Read “Steps to Become a Better Speller,” “Spelling Rules,” and “Commonly Misspelled Word List” in Writers INC.

Overcoming Continually Misspelled Words

If students turn in work over and over with the same words misspelled, you may need to become more firm. Businesses and corporations are faced with employees who cannot spell, and use different methods for correcting these problems.

One effective example, although it’s a bit extreme, is used by the Orlando Police Department. Police officers in training are required to write lengthy reports (back and front of a page in ink) that are turned in to their sergeants for review. The sergeant reviews the report with a red pen, circling any misspelled words. One error results in the officer rewriting the entire report (back and front). The trainee officers quickly learn to carry a pocket dictionary and carefully proofread reports. We’re not suggesting that you use this approach; you don’t want to discourage writing.

You can modify this approach by allowing students to use erasable ink. Hand back papers with spelling mistakes and ask for corrections. Encourage students to proofread aloud, always with pencil or pen in hand, and to proofread backwards.

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