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A lot of Christians investigating Heart of Wisdom show concern about our focus on the Hebrew people and methods. Why? Well, it is somewhat normal to react this way-- It's the same as the wrath of a mother bear protecting her baby out of love. We don't want anything to take away from the perfect sacrifice of Jesus. Any hint of needing to add some kind of work makes those who love Christ and appreciate His sacrifice respond with a knee-jerk reaction –they are being loyal to our Messiah.

Concern Over Hebrew Ways

Why do people get concerned when Christians talk about the Hebrew ways?

A lot of Christians investigating Heart of Wisdom show concern about our focus on the Hebrew people and methods. Why?

Well, it is somewhat normal to react this way– It’s the same as the wrath of a mother bear protecting her baby out of love. We don’t want anything to take away from the perfect sacrifice of Jesus. Any hint of needing to add some kind of work makes those who love Christ and appreciate His sacrifice respond with a knee-jerk reaction –they are being loyal to our Messiah.

I had a similar reaction. For me the desire to protect my belief led me to deeper study and eventual realization that Jesus was a Hebrew and I could know more about Him by studying the customs of the Hebrews in Bible times. After much study I learned about the dramatic turn from our Hebrew roots in the early church and how deeply man’s tacked-on traditions and Anti-semitism have affected mainline denominations today. Years of misunderstanding make people afraid to learn simple truths about God.

False Assumptions

I didn’t know I was seeing through years of mistranslation until I spent a lot of time studying and praying (please don’t take this as pride in studying—there is no other way to explain it) and working through ASSUMPTIONS from years of teaching. Once you put things into the Hebraic context and read Scripture with new eyes it all falls into place. Always remember it is not a way to earn salvation or to be better than someone else. The concern that the Hebrews have to earn salvation is a false assumption. (Read a free excerpt from Assumptions That Affect Our Lives)

Quite the opposite–we don’t do ANY thing to earn salvation. Understanding the Hebrew language (how they use verbs for example) showed me it’s not even OUR faith that saves us. In the passages we interpret “faith” as “OUR faith” it is actually “God’s faith” or God’s faithfulness to provide a sacrifice or Jesus’ faithfulness to death on the cross that provides for our salvation. The deeper I get into the Bible in this way the more I appreciate what God has done for us. I can say that this study has only brought me to a deeper appreciation and desire to be like Christ—never to rely on customs.

Those who have had been blessed to study and learn need to be very careful to never appear as if learning these things would ever take away from the perfect holy sacrifice.

Do You React With Opinion or Study?

I used to react to anything I had not studied with my strong OPINION. I have been humbled with this approach. We must all react to different views by studying what God’s Word says (hermeneutically) before reacting with personal opinion. In Romans 14, Paul is instructing and rebuking weaker believers to keep views to themselves, not to use them as a standard by which to judge others, and to truly study the matter so he will be “fully persuaded” (Paul is actually and presently teaching them so they can be fully persuaded and not remain ignorant, see Romans 14: 22, 3, 5).

No one wants to believe they are “weak,” but we ALL are weak in some areas. I certainly am–I am weak in MANY areas that I have not fully studied yet (such as the return of Christ). Someone else may be strong in this area and weak in others. If you haven’t fully studied the subject, pray about it. Don’t rely on pulpit teaching or opinion. Be a Berean–study and pray and then you can defend your belief.

Which brings us full circle to the main goal of Heart of Wisdom methods–for parents and children to learn to study God’s word for themselves and not rely on man’s teachings–a Hebrew method of teaching your children!.

Fruit Test

A quick way to judge any new teaching (actually, in this case, very old) is to ask “Does it focus on love?” —because Jesus taught that His ways can be summed up in two commands –loving God and loving others.

Walk Softly and Keep Your Eyes on Christ!

If you have been studying the Hebrew roots it is important to remember to use spiritual discernment when talking to Christians that are not aware of our rich heritage. Walk softly. Don’t get defensive –stay humble. If you must disagree do it in a sincere loving manner in prayer. Dr John Garr, author of Restoring Our Lost Legacy: Christianity’s Hebrew Heritage wisely said,

“We whom God is using to advance the radical restoration of taking the church back to its Jewish roots must ever remember that ours is not an elitist, exclusive, judgmental society. We must keep our eyes focused on the ever-moving Cloud of Glory; however, we must build bridges behind us while reaching out to new horizons of faith and truth.

Flexibility adds to our strength. It is never a sign of weakness to reach out to someone else in love and affirmation, even if we do not understand all they believe. Let us continue to work at Hebraic restoration, but let us also mirror the spirit of Christ who came into the world not to condemn but to save.”

Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.

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  1. May you always be blessed.

  2. What a great post! Thanks so much for sharing. I am going to have to come back and read more of your blog, too. Have a blessed day!

  3. This was awesome!

    Your blog is very interesting, when I get some time I want to come back and read MORE!

    Shalom my friend!


  4. Angela

    Amen Sister! Blessings to you in the name of our Lord:0)

  5. Ahhh, to be grafted in… a priviledge we cannot even begin to grasp!

    He is so good to us!

  6. Robin,

    The failure of the collective Jewish nation to recognize in Jesus as the Messiah was a part of God’s plan to bring salvation to the Gentile peoples of the world…. Amen.

    I am facinated by the Hebrew ways. I live near a strick Hebrew Rabbi. I love engaging in conversation with him. Facinating and enlightning upon our own faith. Thank you for joining TT today. Have a blessed and beautiful Christmas. Love and hugs, Lynn

  7. I am honored. Very cool feature on the sidebar!
    kim @ littlesanctuary.

  8. Thanks for sharing today.

  9. Such a beautiful post..thank-you!! Thanks so much for your kind words and prayers for our bout with the virus.

    I actually don’t even have to remind my husband about the house not staying tidy on its own – he gets a panicked look on his face even when he THINKS I may be getting sick. LOL!

    Merry Christmas!!

  10. Beautiful! I love the way you write things in such a loving, balanced way! You are such a gift to the Body of Christ. Keep on studying and feeding us and encouraging us to study. It has made a huge difference in my homeschooling and in our family’s life in general. My 16 year old son really feels like God is telling him to study Hebrew now, whereas before he was pretty closed to the idea. People keep leaving books with us like The Interlinear Bible Hebrew, Greek and English and an English translation of the Torah with comments by rabbis. We have been studying Genesis since September, and we just can’t get enough of it! The Lord just keeps taking us deeper into the true meanings of words and Eastern ways. I can’t thank you enough for helping me along this path.


  11. Robin,
    Very cool “feevy” thingy-majigy-bob you got going on there. Thanks for adding me to it – I like it! 🙂 Happy Thankful Thursday!

  12. Thanks for the wonderful insight Robin. I have a lott of the books Ive read that really opend my eyes. Have you ever read the one called, What the Rabbis Know About the Messiah, by Rachmiel Frydland is a good book. I have went to Orthodox & Conservative Synagogue’s and it’s amazing when they begin to read Torah how you feel the Spirit of God!!! Thanks for your post.

  13. Robyn,

    It is so cool how you were able to put the CWO Internet Cafe into your sidebar. I am going to have to figure out how to do this. Cool. Thanks! Love and hugs, Lynn

  14. Angela

    I am blessed to attend a Bible believing/ teaching church where the Old Testament and our Hebraic roots are taught as much as the New Testament. Understanding that the OT provides a “shadow” of Jesus the Messiah, and understanding the people, history and culture that Jesus came from, and the word that He came to fulfill, has made my walk with Jesus sweeter and deeper. Thank you for all that you do to help me bring this learning to my children.

  15. Vienna

    Hi, I have a question. When you say, “The failure of the collective Jewish nation to recognize Jesus as the Messiah was a part of God’s plan to bring salvation to the Gentile peoples of the world.”
    Do you mean God planned for the Jews to reject Jesus, or did God have a plan for the Gentiles to hear about Jesus in spite of the Jews rejecting Him? I guess what I’m asking is do you mean God created that specific generation of people to reject Jesus so that the message would have to be shared with the Gentiles. (Kind of like the parable of the wedding feast with the King telling his servants to invite His people to come and they rejected the invitation, and then He had to go into the streets and by ways to gather up guests.) Or, did He did he make a plan for the Gentiles to hear about Jesus because He already knew that the Jews would reject them even though He would have rathered His people to share it with the Gentiles?

    I hope I’m not splitting hairs with wording here. It’s just that it sounds like you are saying He created them to reject Jesus. Like He hardened Pharoh’s heart against the Hebrews when Moses came to deliver them.

    Thank you in advance for the clarification.

  16. I am going to print this one out and read it again. Sometimes my eyes just really start to twitter reading tiny print… and this one has me hooked. 🙂

    Thanks for adding me to that neat feevy. I need one of those! 😉

    – sprittibee

  17. Georgette

    You have done one of the better jobs I have seen in explaining what could be considered a rather complicated concept! I am Messianic and completely understand what you are trying to explain in a simplified manner. If I may, I‘d like to also recommend a book called “Fossilized Customs” that touches on other manmade customs that have trickled into today’s religions/heritage.

    Shalom and Blessings,

  18. Wonderful article, and I completely agree. Reading through and trying to understand the Scriptures that have been so misconstrued due to our lack of knowing the Hebrew culture and being so encircled by our own. We’re going to really begin a study on the Jewish feasts, days, and other ways the Hebrews lived. I think it will be quite beneficial. Thank you for your help and guidance you’ve given me over the past few months. I’ve really appreciated it!


  19. Thank you. It is hard to not offend others and not to be offended sometimes, and I believe you have touched a point of why for both sides in recognizing a loyalty to our Messiah.
    It’s tough.
    We live in a worldly world, and it has infiltrated the Church for centuries. The only way we can truly know God and His Truths are to read them for ourselves in His WORD.

    Thank you for the loving way you speak about these things. You have been a big influence in sparking my quest for knowledge in this area. And, your chapter about the first century Jews in HOWTA is very enlightening. As a matter of fact, I need to get that out. It is about time to re-read it again!
    I saw Assumptions That Affect Our Lives the last time I was at your store, and I have it on my list!

    bless you sister. May the LORD bless you.
    Love, J

  20. ~Cheryl~ from HS Lounge

    Well, Robin, you’ve done it again. Or I should say that God has done it again. Always having these timely topics just when I need it. God answers us through so many ways, and you’re one way that God has been guiding me, especially lately. Thank you!

  21. Wendy Dischler

    Elsewhere Pharaoh hardens his own heart; that must be present. Elsewhere God says generations will suffer; out of these thousands will be saved! Always out of groups of people individuals are saved, those turning to the Lord, as it was among the Hebrew people in Jesus’ day; e.g., Jesus’ followers; the group is representative of the whole race–as Jesus says, all the blood will fall upon this generation, the one during His time, and falls upon Jews yet out of the generation or the Jews believers are in every generation saved and all need Jesus as the Bible says! <3+

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