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Why Do You Crave Chocolate?

Studies show over 75% of Americans are dangerously deficient in magnesium. Magnesium is an essential factor in more aspects of health than any other mineral, yet rarely measured by doctors. Chocolate cravings are a sign of a magnesium deficiency. Women’s bodies scream for chocolate during PMS. Some researchers believe that women crave chocolate prior to menstruation because it contains high ... Read More »

Passover, Yeast, and Fungus?

  I’ve been reading a lot by Doug Kaufmann on fungus and health since my heart surgery. See his site Know the Cause. Passover is coming soon, April 18 this year (Unleavened Bread 7 day fast from yeast). Yeast is a fungus. Is there a connection to our health and the Bible command to refrain from yeast 7 days every ... Read More »

HPV Commercials? Yes, Tell Someone…the Truth

Have you seen the compelling HPV commercials? They urge us to tell our daughters, friends, moms, aunts and sisters that cervical cancer is caused by HPV (Human papillomavirus) and urge everyone to get the vaccine. They fail to state that HPV is actually a sexually transmitted disease . This vaccine is about to be mandatory for girls in Texas. There ... Read More »

Spiritual Analogy from My Open Heart Surgery

Have you ever lost it with your children, say a lot of things you regretted, then felt like a heel? Did you confess it? Did you lose it again a few days (hours) later? Why can't we get victory over sin that plagues us? You may have a spiritual blockage obstructing the flow of the Holy Spirit... Read More »

Consider it Pure Joy (Robin's Illness)

Due to recent family heath issues, I feel obligated to share some news with you. It was my desire to postpone this announcement until after further tests, however, I need prayer. The Bible says, “Share one another’s burdens.” It does not say to wait until you have all the facts and decisions made. So I am spilling out my family ... Read More »

Bread Pudding

My hubby’s favorite desert but he can’t have it any more since his heart attack. But it is yummy! My daughter Rebecca gave me the recipe (backwards I know) but we changed it a bit to make it taste like dh’s mother’s bread pudding. Becky said this is a bit hit on covered dish night at church. 2 can of ... Read More »