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Eating God’s Way Facebook Group


Heart of Wisdom (that would be me) publishes books on topics I am passionate about: Homeschooling Hebrew Roots Health and Nutrition In the last five years, I have had four heart surgeries  as a direct result of the SAD (Standard American Diet). Last year, I watched my dear friend JoAnn devastated when her devoted husband  died from cancer. I have ... Read More »

A Hebraic Perspective on Peter’s Vision

peter vision Acts 10

  Originally Published 6/27/2011 Last updated 2/13/2013 For permissions to reprint, see below. Acts 10: 9 The next day, as they were on their journey and approaching the city, Peter went up on the housetop about the sixth hour to pray. 10 And he became hungry and wanted something to eat, but while they were preparing it, he fell into a trance 11 and saw ... Read More »

SAD Killed my Daughter- Don’t Let it Kill Your Children!


My beautiful, amazing, delightful, daughter, Victoria was killed, this year , by a food addiction. She left behind three teenage sons. Don’t let this happen to your family.   Stop feeding your family the Standard American Diet! No More SAD   Eating God’s Way Facebook Group Join us on Facebook for free tips, ideas, education, links, and encouragement on how to feed your family nutritionally.   Read More »

Apple Quinoa Breakfast Bites


I make a big pot of quinoa every week (it is critical to have prepared healthy foods on hand if you want to eat nutritiously!). I  scoop out one cup for this recipe for breakfast then I have the plenty left over with chicken or fish or vegtables for lunch or dinner all week. Apple Quinoa Breakfast Bites Ingredients 1 ... Read More »

The First Green Smoothie


For decades dietitians have been educating the public about the multiple benefits of greens, but it was not clear how to incorporate fresh greens into everyone’s daily diet. The only option for eating greens seemed to be the salad. The problem is that in our industrialized world, the taste of greens is not as appealing as the stimulating taste of processed foods. Read More »

Whole Food Plant-Based Diet Links


In the next 20 years over 50% of Americans will be diabetic and 44% will be obese.  Many children eat doughnuts, cookies, cupcakes and candy on a daily basis. Going through the fast-food drive-in is like getting an aneurysm to go—serious illness will occur as a direct result of the consumption of these foods. Change is critical. I’m pro any whole ... Read More »

Salt Sugar Fat, How the Food Giants Hooked Us

From a Pulitzer Prize–winning investigative reporter at The New York Times comes the explosive story of the rise of the processed food industry and its link to the emerging obesity epidemic. Michael Moss reveals how companies use salt, sugar, and fat to addict us and, more important, how we can fight back. Every year, the average American eats thirty-three pounds of cheese ... Read More »

Herb Tea for Energy and Better Metabolism

I am making the switch from coffee to herbal tea. I’m drinking cumin, coriander, fennel tea daily (with a little berry herbal tea added). Studies show excess caffeine prevents our insides from absorbing all those vital nutrients from organic green smoothies and salads. Furthermore, tea is packed with bioflavanoids, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals that help ward off disease. Americans often miss out ... Read More »

My Favorite Green Smoothie Recipes

A green smoothie is a delicious drink made with green leafy vegetables and fruit. The fruit masks the taste of the greens. You can consume 5-8 servings of fruits and vegetables with one green smoothie! When I drink green smoothies I eat MUCH less, and I don’t feel hungry. There is a reason. If you eat processed foods or fast foods ... Read More »

Cheesy Cauliflower Broccoli Casserole

Adapted from Hungry Girl (Thank you) Ingredients 1 head cauliflower, chopped (about 5 cups raw) 1-2 broccoli chopped into florets (about 5 cups raw) 1 medium onion, chopped 4 wedges laughing cow light original swiss cheese, room temp 2 cup cottage cheese 1 cup shredded light cheddar cheese 3 eggs (whisked) Directions Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Steam cauliflower, broccoli ... Read More »

Reasons Not to Eat Pig

I’ve visited hundreds of organic, healthy living sites and I’m amazed that most even consider pork a food, the other white meat. Satan twisted God’s Word to convince Eve to eat forbidden fruit. Today he twists God’s Word to convince us to eat forbidden foods. God did not change His mind about food nor change the biological structure of animals. Jesus ... Read More »

Coconut Oil for Fat Loss and Energy

Want to burn fat, be focused and alert, energize up your workout? Have a few spoons of coconut oil every day. I put it  in coffee, oatmeal, mix with almond butter and cook with it. It also helps with digestion and absorption of nutrients. YES, LOSE WEIGHT. Google it. Thousands of testimonies online. It works; you feel fuller longer. Helps stop ... Read More »

HOLY COW! Does God Care About What We Eat?

HOLY COW! Does God Care About What We Eat? begins with the author’s attention-grabbing story personal story. The author was raised as a Jew but only discovers what the Bible really says about eating after she becomes a Christian. She shares the challenges she had to face when she tried to share her new found Bible truth to her husband. This ... Read More »

Do You Know What You Are Eating?

Have you seen the British show You Are What You Eat with Gillian McKeith? I love it. I tape each show with DVR  so I don’t miss an episode. Each week, Gillian marches into a family’s life and changes what they eat from fat and sugar to healthy, nutritious meals. She is not very polite  and does not hold back ... Read More »

Amazing Virgin Coconut Oil Secrets

Some time back, my sweet, health-conscious friend, Dolores,  told me about the benefits of coconut oil.  I bought a jar and put in on my shelf until I had time to find recipes to use it in. Then when my boys and I were sick  (Maybe strep throat) and  I looked up natural cures on the Internet, coconut oil came ... Read More »

Eating God's Way Facebook Group

I’ve started a Facebook Group titled Eating God’s Way for those who want to change their eating habits. Update: We are starting another 21 Day program June 5, 2011 for anyone wants to join in. You decide the eating plan. Anyone is welcome to join that wants to focus on eating a plant based, whole foods plan. We will begin ... Read More »

Spiritual Mountain Climbing

I’m doing the Transformation Challenge from the book Transformation by Bill Philips. Bill likens this 18 week journey from base to summit to mountain climbing. So I pulled up this post from the archive about spiritual mountain climbing. This Transformation process  includes physical (taking care of Gods temple), emotional, mental and spiritual. As Bill addresses the physical, emotional and mental I ... Read More »

Prepare for Cold and Flu Season with Garlic

Garlic has powerful anti-viral, antibiotic and anti-fungal properties and  boosts the immune system. Researchers have compared the effectiveness of garlic with that of commercial prescription antibiotics and found  garlic can be more effective. Garlic: A natural antibiotic (American Chemical Society How to Eat Raw Garlic Make sure that you ALWAYS have food in your stomach before you start taking raw ... Read More »

Things My Doctor Didn't tell Me

The American medical system is among the best care the world for treating accidents, but ranks with the lowest  in the world for treatment of disease. We have higher rates of infant mortality, diabetes, heart disease, and other ills than many other developed countries. This week I received several test results from my primary care doctor (not my nutritionist/chiropractor), with ... Read More »

Which Foods to Buy: Organic Cheat-Sheet

The Environmental Working Group’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides identifies 12 fruits and vegetables with the highest levels of pesticide residues and the 15 with the lowest levels. I made this cheat sheet card to carry in my purse. Click image to download the PDF printable card (three size cards on one page). Choose a card size to laminate and carry to the grocery store. Read More »

Top 12 Health Benefits of Green Smoothies

Isn’t it amazing that Americans worry more about the gas we put in our cars than the food we put in our bodies? I’ve been getting healthy with a very simple health plan: I eat God’s food instead of man’s food. You can read Dr. Axe’s Healing Food Plan here. I’ve lost eight pounds in two weeks—and I eat a ... Read More »

Four Movies That Can Change Your Life

The information below will give you a taste (pun intended) of these must-see movies that will show you a natural approach to weight loss, detoxification, prevention and treatment of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, depression and more. Each explains how you can take small steps towards a healthier life. Food Inc In “Food, Inc.”, filmmaker Robert Kenner lifts the veil on ... Read More »

Holy Cow: Does God Care What We Eat?

This simple-to-understand book uses basic hermeneutic principles to properly interpret what the Bible says about eating meat. Eagan is clear that our diets are not a salvation issue, while at the same time encouraging obedience to God’s Word. HOLY COW! Does God Care About What We Eat? begins with the author’s attention-grabbing personal story. The author was raised as a ... Read More »

God is Better than Google: Found a Christian Doctor

I don’t know why I’m always amazed how God answers my prayers. He always does and I’m always amazed. The Bible says we are not to receive counsel from the ungodly (Psalm 1:1)—however, most of us go to doctors without a clue of their spiritual condition. I prayed for a Christian doctor and  found Dr. Josh Axe. Dr. Josh Axe-Testimonials ... Read More »

Going Gluten-Free

Last month my doctor diagnosed me with celiac disease (via symptoms, not test results), a digestive disorder due to severe gluten sensitivity. I cannot eat any gluten. Thanks to genetic engineering the wheat we eat today has four times the amount of gluten the wheat our grandparents ate—i.e., we are not eating the wheat God intended us to eat. Most ... Read More »

Billions of Reasons to Take Probiotics

I began taking probiotics a few months ago to help with digestive problems. Probiotics, when translated, literally means “for life.” They are living microorganisms—“friendly” or “good” bacteria that, when consumed in sufficient numbers, can provide health benefits that go beyond basic nutrition. Yogurt contains probiotics. You can also take in pill or capsule form. If you want to get probiotics ... Read More »

7 Amazing Benefits of Fish Oil

Hubby and I have been taking Omega 3 fish oil tablets for years as recommended by our cardiologist. It makes perfect sense. Mankind was meant to live near the water and fish was to be a mainstay in our diets. Our American culture doesn’t have a habit of eating fish, which means that we don’t get enough omega-3 fatty acids. ... Read More »

Common Ingredient as Addictive as Cocaine

The number one source of calories in the American diet might cause obesity, high blood pressure, and a number of other common diseases. Fructose corn syrup isn’t natural. It’s been chemically altered to enhance its sweetness. And it certainly isn’t part of a healthy diet. High-fructose corn syrup is a common sweetener and preservative. High-fructose corn syrup is made by ... Read More »