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Fall: Time for an Apple Unit Study

This is the perfect time of year to study apples. There are sommany spiritual lessons from God’s creation! Use the links below to do an apple unit study, go on a apple orchard field trip or virtual field trip, watch videos, print worksheets and coloring pages. Apple Orchard Field Trip If You can’t Visit an Apple Orchard Try a Virtual ... Read More »

Using Kindle for Reluctant Readers

If you have a struggling reader try the encouraging them with Amazon’s Kindle.  Readers can listen to the audio (text to speech) while following the text. Twenty minutes a day really helps. Immersion Reading With the newer Kindles you can listen to the professionally narrated Audible audiobook simultaneously with real-time word highlighting. Immersion Reading is a revolutionary innovation that will support ... Read More »

Books from My Personal Library

I’ve been purging thousands of book from my personal library. I shipped hundreds from my personal library to Amazon see them here. I shipped hundreds of books to single homeschool moms and I still have thousands of books left! Box of Book for Sale: First Come First Serve I have hundreds of books boxed up I was going to donate to the ... Read More »

Organizing Homeschool Area with Book Crates

Homeschoolers are notorious book hoarders. I own way too many books to keep in one room much less one small homeschool area. So I use crates to tote books from room to room. Our “school room” is the dining room table. It looks like a schoolroom. We are homeschoolers, this is our lifestyle. My home will never look like a magazine ... Read More »

Free Homeschool Downloads

Ever bought a book and been disappointed? We want to make sure you like our books before purchasing. We offer hundreds of pages of free homeschool lapbooks, worksheets, lesson plans, and other homeschool helps below. The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach This book will instruct you, step by step, how to give your child a Bible-focused, comprehensive education from preschool ... Read More »

Free Ebooks for Kindle from Your Library

I love using Overdrive. With a library card you can download ebooks and audio books FREE. Just signin to Overdrive,  for your search for your library and type in your library card number. Then you will have access free eBooks, YAY! Best yet, no fines, the ebooks automatically return themselves. Download FreeKindle eBook Explaining Overdrive Listen to audiobooks. Enjoy your ... Read More »

Debra Strayer: Surrounded by His Glory

The homeschool community has suffered a great loss this week.  Debra Strayer, homeschool mother,  author, and mentor to many, died unexpectedly in Alabama Saturday night. She and Greg had just finished serving at the homeschool convention where she was invited to speak. They were excited to celebrate their anniversary with reservations for Sunday night to stay at the hotel where they spent ... Read More »

Free Audio Book: Hurlbut’s Story of the Bible

More than 4,000,000 copies of Hurlbut’s Story of the Bible have been distributed since its publication. It  includes 168 Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation. Now y0u can download the MP3 or iTunes audio for your children to listen to on the computer, iPhone, iPod or other audio player. Some years ago, the editor of an English magazine sent a communication ... Read More »

Kingdom Centered Curriculum

  The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach: Bible-Based Homeschooling The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach is for all homeschoolers who want to make the Bible the center of their school day. This giant 500+ page book provides you with the methods, program, and resources for a course of study where students spend half the school day studying God’s Word and the ... Read More »

3000 Free Kindle eBooks and Free Audio Books

BooksShouldBeFree.com. offers thousands of free audio books that you can download in several ebook formats (computer, Kindle, epub, text, etc)  and several audio formats (mp3, iPod, and iTunes) format for your portable audio player. You can gather your children around the Kindle, computer, phone or mp3 player for story time. Years ago, homeschooling my oldest children I bartered homeschool books for $300 worth of audio ... Read More »

eReader Stats for Pleasure and Homeschool

e-reader ownership is growing. It’s easier to comprehend (and retain) statistical data when it’s presented to us in the form of the ever-popular inforgraphic. The graphic below, by the way, comes from Schools.com. Get a Kindle here. See Free Kindle Books here. Courtesy of: Schools.com Courtesy of: Schools.com Read More »

Goodreads: Meet Your Next Favorite Book

Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. Their mission is to help people find and share books they love. I love, love, love the Compare Books button. I look for someone that highly rates the books I highly rate, read their reviews, then go book shopping. Are you on Good Reads? Come follow me. My Favorite Christian ... Read More »

Digital Scrapbook Project Life: Month at a Glance

Project Life is simplified scrapbooking method to help you document every week of the year with photos and journaling. I LOVE it. How neat is it that my children can look back at every week for the year! I post each Project Life Week on my scrapbook blog and I will post each completed month on this blog. Here is January.  ... Read More »

50% Off Sale: Proceeds Help Single Homeschool Moms

Homeschool Books and Digital Scrapbooking Kits Valentine’s Day Sale Save 50% at Digi Scrap Delights Coupon Code: VALENTINE Offer ends Feb 15 midnight. 100% Proceeds Go to Help Single Homeschool Moms I am shipping almost 2000 books from my personal library to 33 single homeschool moms. The postage is well over $700. This sale is to help pay the shipping cost. ... Read More »

Grapevine Homeschool Bible Study Curriculum Review & Giveaway!

Leave a comment below and a random winner will be receive Grapevine Bible Study Curriculum Teacher and Student ebook! I will pick a random winner on February 14, 2013. 20% Off CouponCode Use Coupon Code HOW20 to receive a 20% discount. Offer valid until January 31, 2013. Grapevine is an effective, easy-to-teach Bible curriculum for ages five to adult. Through ... Read More »

2013 Project Life Homeschool Journal & Free Journal Cards

I’m excited about starting a 2013 Project Life Homeschool Journal. Want to join me? In a nutshell, Project Life is a simplified way to scrapbook placing photos and cards into pockets I’m giving you free Pocket Journal Cards to help you get started. See the end of this post. You can document your homeschool week or family life.   There is no right ... Read More »

Hanukkah Lapbook

Happy Hanukkah Hanukkah is an eight-day festival beginning the evening of Saturday, December 12. This is the perfect week to learn about the Hanukkah miracle by completing the Hanukkah Lapbook.   Hanukkah Links Hanukkah Readings for Eight Nights (Focusing on Christ) Hanukkah History Why Are Christians Celebrating Hanukkah? How to Spell Hanukkah How to Celebrate Hanukkah Manifesting the Light of Jesus ... Read More »

Fun with History Site

History and how we view it is ever-changing. Fun With History is a free resource for teachers, homeschoolers, and history buffs  with streaming videos, activities, links and resources. People and Events in History are categorized by century so they’re easy to find. This quick reference allows easy access to historical figures from George Washington to Isaac Asimov, and historic events from the Boston Tea Party ... Read More »

Thanksgiving Sites for Educators

The Thanksgiving Story The story of the first Thanksgiving in America with Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians. Includes Bible verses. Thanksgiving Crafts on My Pinterest (LOTS) – Follow me 🙂 Thanksgiving Memory Verses and Copywork Bible memory verses about being thankful. Three verses per page choose from manuscript, cursive, or d’nealian. The REAL Story of Thanksgiving (MP3) Rush Limbaugh reads and adds to the story history books ... Read More »

Organizing Homeschool Supplies & Free Printable Labels

Is your homeschool organized? Having the correct tools for the job makes for a stress-free day. See lots of homeschool organizing tips on my Organized Homeschool Pinterest  Board. Below are my teacher supply drawers using the Trofast frames and sliding bins from IKEA. I was so excited to organize my teaching supplies. The scrapbook storage drawers I was using were bursting at the ... Read More »

Free Math Worksheet Generators

My hubby is charge of teaching math this year. He found this neat  Math Worksheet Generator from the Microsoft Education Labs. It creates multiple math practice problems, from basic math to algebra, in seconds. You provide a sample math problem and the Math Worksheet Generator does the rest. It even gives you an answer sheet! You can combine this with education templates and other ... Read More »

Rosh Hashana Apple and Honey Cake

Apples and honey are a traditional food for Rosh Hashana. This cake is one of the best I have ever made or tasted and my children really look forward to it. Its a super way to welcome Autumn with the smell of apple cake drifting through the house! Last year we made this and took it to our Jewish neighbors ... Read More »

Top 10 Free Homeschool Resources from Discovery Education

This year we subscribed to Discovery Educations Streaming Plus  (over 4,000 full length videos), through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. I’m please with the videos even though we have lousy Internet connection and a lot of lag time. The videos are worth it. Many have a left flavor but I watch them with my children and point out the left turns.Through this ... Read More »

Curl up and Read Aloud with Free Kindle Books

Winter is the perfect time to curl up with a good book or Ebook-Reader and read aloud to your children. It is never to late to read aloud. I read to all my children when they were teenagers. You can download a 31 page list of classics by grade level (K-12) at the bottom of this post. Did You Know ... Read More »

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