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Object Lessons

View from the Back of an Ambulance

Is there anything more sobering than an hour ride in an ambulance with flashing lights and screaming sirens? Yes, there is. When the paramedic in the back of the ambulance takes your BP and says to the ambulance driver, “You better speed it up” SPEED IT UP? Yep, that is even more sobering. Rejoice: This Week Has Been a Trial ... Read More »

A Reminder of the Blood Covenant

A few days ago I was hospitalized to receive a blood transfusion. What a difference! I received two units of iron rich blood and feel 20 years younger (a fountain of youth!) Last week, I was so anemic I couldn’t walk up the stairs. Well, I could kind of–I could take three steps, then rest a few minutes then try ... Read More »

Spiritual Mountain Climbing

I recently requested prayer from a dark valley after several stressful events. God is still answering prayers as this time has been a blessing–a time of spiritual assessment. Spiritual Mountain Climbing It has been helpful to me to see my spiritual journey as a climb up a mountain. The Bible is a map to the path up the mountain. In ... Read More »

Spiritual Analogy from My Open Heart Surgery

Have you ever lost it with your children, say a lot of things you regretted, then felt like a heel? Did you confess it? Did you lose it again a few days (hours) later? Why can't we get victory over sin that plagues us? You may have a spiritual blockage obstructing the flow of the Holy Spirit... Read More »

Seven Symbolizes Perfection – Deity of Christ

I recently started a new study on the Gospels so the study will be reflected in my blog. I’ll begin with a list of seven for Sunday Seven. In the Bible, the number seven often symbolizes completeness or perfection. There were seven priests, seven trumpets, seven days, seven circuits of the wall on the seventh day. There is an extraordinary ... Read More »

What is Your Focus? Your Foundation?

As we fellowship with other believers and read books we can grow in wisdom and understanding. But the most important thing is that we 1 Cor. 1:24) and in Him is hidden “all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Col. 2:3). The better we know Christ and the more we become like Him, the more we will walk in wisdom ... Read More »