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Teaching Hebraically, Teaching Biblically

Like38.6K Tweet0 Share +10 Pin0 Share0 What does it mean to teach biblically? Hebraically? The entire Bible is a Hebrew book, not just the OT. The Hebrews have always placed God’s Word at the center of their education. Modern religious Jews (especially Hasidic Jews) continue to focus on God’s Word.The book The Chosen, by Chaim Potok, […]

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An Easy Way to Make Homeschool Decisions

Like38.6K Tweet0 Share +10 Pin0 Share0 Every year I receive many, many emails from nervous, anxious, frustrated mothers trying to make decisions about the year’s new homeschool plans. Some are deciding to homeschool, some are deciding on teaching approaches, some are deciding on curriculum. The common thread is fear of making the wrong decision.Putting Things In […]

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One Needful Thing

Like38.6K Tweet0 Share +10 Pin0 Share0 While we are teaching our children to study, research, and write, we need to remember that they are establishing and perfecting tools that they will one day use to God’s glory, depending on their unique, individual talents.Homeschoolers sometimes get so wrapped up in academics they forget the one needful […]

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Handwriting Practice with Bible Passages

Like38.6K Tweet0 Share +10 Pin0 Share0 If you haven’t been to our new Lesson Plans site you are missing some neat printables.Here are the sample from our first three weeks.  Some are memory verses other relate to the lessons. Printable available to print free (PDF) on at HOW Homeschool Lesson Plans. Each passage in both  in print and cursive. Week […]

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What the Bible Says About Education: How?

Like38.6K Tweet0 Share +10 Pin0 Share0 How Should We Teach Our Children?With Object LessonsThe Bible’s object lessons provide the answers to mankind’s fundamental questions about life. Jesus’ entire life, teaching, death and resurrection are all object lessons.As a teacher it is your responsibility to know God’s Word well enough to teach these types of lessons […]

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Sailing with God

Like38.6K Tweet0 Share +10 Pin0 Share0 Allow God to Direct Your CourseMany homeschool mothers want their curriculum plan so laid out that they know what to do every minute of the day. It would be easy to know the charted course beforehand and depend on a wind that never changes and that would effortlessly take […]

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