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Books from My Personal Library

bookofbooksI’ve been purging thousands of book from my personal library. I shipped hundreds from my personal library to Amazon see them here. I shipped hundreds of books to single homeschool moms and I still have thousands of books left!

Box of Book for Sale: First Come First Serve

I have hundreds of books boxed up I was going to donate to the library but I know they won’t be appreciated as much as on a homeschool shelf. So I’m offering them to you.

Buy a box (12 x 12 x 5½) of books $25.00. Large flat rate priority mail is $16.85 the remaining $8.15 will go toward shipping books to single moms (I have 8 boxes left to ship @ 16.85 per box)


Send $25 via Paypal to with and I will repack a box for you.

I need to know which category you want:

  • Homeschool books: List grade levels
  • Homeschool books: How to
  • Hebrew Roots/ Israel
  • Christian Fiction (see author list here)
  • Health/ Nutrition and Alternative Health
  • Scrapbooking/ Crafts
  • Writing/ Book Publishing

These are used books and show wear. 12x12x5.2″ holds 12 to 25 books depending on size. Please share.












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  1. Heather Oberle

    How do I get books sent to me as I am a single working home schooling mom on very limited income?

  2. Hi Robin,

    I am interested in books for home school grades K-3. Also, Hebrew Roots (been on this road for a few years), and health & nutrition. Can I have Streams of Civilization please, I already have Celebrate the Feasts? I would also like Jacob The Baker. Will you please pray for what you send me? No Magic School Bus or Richard Scarry please. Thank you. Can you send me a bill please?

  3. Vicky Farnham

    I was just wondering, what happened to the box that I agreed to pay postage on? I was on the list for a free box, when u ran out of money to mail. Then I agree to pay postage but never got another email.

  4. Hi Robin,

    Do you have any boxes of books left?

  5. Robin ODell

    Do you have Hebrew Roots/Israel books left? If so, I want to order a box. Thanks.

  6. Jamileh

    Shalom Robin,

    I know you posted this back in July however I have been in the process of moving so I am late to this. Do you have any books left from your book sale?? You can contact me at Thanks so much!


  7. Thanks for finally writing about > Books from My
    Personal Library : Homeschool Blog < Loved it!

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