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Homeschool Direction: A Wisdom Parable

Like38.6K Tweet0 Share +10 Pin0 Share0 Once upon a time there was a village far away in a remote location, which had experienced a hard year of severe weather. A group of missionaries worried that the villagers’ crude huts would not be able to withstand the strong weather any longer.The missionaries wanted to help by […]

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Our Homeschool Journey

Like38.6K Tweet0 Share +10 Pin0 Share0 Twenty-Nine Years HomeschoolingWe have homeschooled for twenty-nine years. Our homeschool roller coaster ride included many surprise twists and turns, suspenseful fears, excitement, mistakes, smiles, winding thrills, tears, proud moments, flying without wings, quitting threats, delights, twisting , twirling, laughter, crying, woozy, ups, and downs. We are blessed with eleven children […]

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Free Bible Worksheets for Creating a Bible Portfolio

Like38.6K Tweet0 Share +10 Pin0 Share0 A Bible portfolio is a chronological Bible timeline book  to store the student’s work as you read through the Bible each year. It will include writing assignments, coloring pages, artwork, small collections, letters, photos, brochures, maps, etc.The contents of your student’s Bible portfolio will vary depending on the age […]

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Free Delight Directed Homeschool Download

Like38.6K Tweet0 Share +10 Pin0 Share0 Delight-directed study places students in charge of their own learning, helping them find something they want to accomplish. The delight-directed method uses natural curiosity to motivate the student. The student acquires basic concepts of learning (reading, reasoning, writing, researching, etc.) during the process of examining the topic of interest. […]

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Things You Need to Know About Classical Education

Like38.6K Tweet0 Share +10 Pin0 Share0 Note: Don’t miss the comments to this post.​​Long ago two swindlers came into the kingdom claiming to hold in their hands “the most beautiful and exquisite of cloth and material”. Even though their hands were empty yet and still they were able to make the entire kingdom “see” something that […]

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Animal School Parable

Like38.6K Tweet0 Share +10 Pin0 Share0 Once upon a time, the animals decided they must do something heroic to meet the problems of “A New World”. So they organized a school.They adopted an activity curriculum consisting of running, climbing, swimming, and flying. To make it easier to administer the curriculum all the animals took all […]

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Fun Ways to Teach Math with Playing Cards

Like38.6K Tweet0 Share +10 Pin0 Share0 Playing cards are easy and fun teacher helpers. They are cheap, require no scissors, baggies, game pieces or dice. Use regular cards (Ace to King) and make up fun math games.If your children are like mine they will enjoy the game much more and beg to play again if you […]

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