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51 Word Bullet List Bible

51 Word Bullet List Bible

My first thought when I saw this was to put the events on index cards and have the children put them in chronological order.

  • God’s Creation!
  • Satan’s Deception.
  • Adam’s Consumption.
  • Noah’s Boat.
  • Abraham’s Faith.
  • Joseph’s Dreams.
  • Pharaoh’s Oppression.
  • Moses’ Escape.
  • Doubters’ Wandering.
  • Joshua’s Conquests.
  • Judges’ Strength.
  • David’s Slingshot.
  • Solomon’s Wisdom.
  • Prophets’ Proclamations.
  • Israel’s Scattering.
  • Mary’s Delivery!
  • Jesus’ Miracles.
  • Rabbi’s Lessons.
  • Lamb’s Death.
  • Resurrection!
  • Spirit’s Arrival.
  • Disciples’ Testimony.
  • Paul’s Letters.
  • Churches’ Multiplication.
  • World’s Demise.
  • Heaven’s Triumph!

Can you think of a game that can be played with the  index cards?



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  1. Hey Robin!
    You can play a myriad of games with index cards. Several pop immediately to mind as I’m a History instructor and use i.c’s all the time… Ask any teacher and they can come up with one or two more – The first one I thought of was a Jeopardy type game. You ask things like Q:”The weapon David carried as a shepherd and slew Goliath with” A: “What is David’s Slingshot?”… Or a 5 minute study period of what is on the cards, then a race situation where the winning team puts them in chronological order the fastest…

    Hope that helps…

    Eric DeMar
    @scubadogg (Twitter) & @World-prayr team

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