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    Free Printable Clip Chart Behavior System

    Here’s a great idea to start out the new school year! I was looking at a some behavior charts to help discourage grumbling during school work and chores. I found the Clip Chart Behavior Set up. I like it because it focuses on both positive and negative. It is designed for school use so I […]

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    Honor Your Mother, Even When it’s Hard

    Mothers are precious gifts to their families, and the value of a godly mother is beyond measure. In the fifth commandment, Honor your mother and father (Exodus 20:12, 21:17), the word “honor” is to obey, to revere, to speak kindly to, to speak and think well of. ” For God said, Honor thy father and thy […]

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    5 Steps to Successful Forgiveness

    Unforgiveness is toxic. It can consume us. It causes suffering, health problems, bitterness, chronic anger, resentment, rage, and a miserable attitude. Studies show that such emotions can lead to an increased risk of heart attack, joint pain, headaches, high blood pressure and a depressed immune system.

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    His Eye is on the Sparrow

    Jesus taught lessons with items from Creation. Light, salt, lilies, seeds, sparrows, all take on new significance. Bread and wine take on new significance because he made them symbols of his death.

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    Obeying Spiritual Nudges

    I love to give children cart rides with our miniature horses. Once I get them in the middle of the pasture  I begin my Deuteronomy-6-by-the-way-object-lesson. To turn a right or left means a tiny gentle tug. I use this to teach the children how we need to listen to God’s gentle tugs. I point out […]

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    Free Printable Folger’s Coffee Can Labels

    Here is a great frugal gift idea: Folgers plastic resealable coffee containers are durable and have a handy indent for a handle. Its a super idea for gift giving. Fill with Bird seed, crayons, backed goods, candy, small toys, craft items, etc

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    Free Speech for All Americans Except Christians??

    Our boys watch Duck Dynasty. I was happy to find a wholesome show that promotes family and God. The patriarch of the show Phil Robertson was suspended by  A&E becasue he quoted Scripture in a magazine interview.  This is an opportunity to speak up. Free speech is an American right for all–including Christians! Share the […]

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    Everyone Has a Worldview: Do You Know Yours?

    Everyone Has a Worldview: Do You Know Yours? God expects His people to seek earnestly for the truth. As the Apostle Paul faced the humanists of his day, so the faithful and aware Christian must, if he is truly to follow Christ, face the humanists of our day. Our children will eventually be in company […]

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    Torn Over Christmas?

    How do you feel about Christmas? Do you observe it differently now compared to how you observed it when you were a child? Do you observe it at all? Did you know Christmas has pagan roots? Does that bother you? Don’t get nervous. I’m not going to tell you what you should or shouldn’t be […]

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    Easy No Bake Thanksgiving Cookies

    Time to decorate for Thanksgiving and start gathering recipes. These cookies have been our family tradition for over 25 years now. Making them is a special time the children look forward to every Thanksgiving. Giving them to neighbors and friends is just as fun. No Bake Chocolate Turkey Cookies Ingredients: Fudge Striped Cookies Chocolate bonbons […]

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    Using Kindle for Reluctant Readers

    If you have a struggling reader try the encouraging them with Amazon’s Kindle.  Readers can listen to the audio (text to speech) while following the text. Twenty minutes a day really helps. Immersion Reading With the newer Kindles you can listen to the professionally narrated Audible audiobook simultaneously with real-time word highlighting. Immersion Reading is a […]