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  • Torn Over Christmas?

    Torn Over Christmas?

    How do you feel about Christmas? Do you observe it differently now compared to the way you observed it when you were a child? Do you observe it at all? Did you know Christmas has pagan roots? Does that bother you? Don’t get nervous. I’m not going to tell you ... Read More »
  • Spiritual Mountain Climbing

    Spiritual Mountain Climbing

    We are all in a process or transforming. The  process includes spiritual, emotional, mental and physical (taking care of Gods temple),  The Bible is a map to the path up the mountain. In mountain climbing the terrain becomes steeper and steeper, but with each level there is greater vision. I’ve been ... Read More »
  • Bible Copy Work for Thanksgiving

    Bible Copy Work for Thanksgiving

      Bible memory verses about being thankful. Three verses per page choose from manuscript, cursive, or d’nealian.   Thankful Verses 1 Manuscript Thankful Verses 1 Cursive Thankful Verses 1 D’nealian Thankful Verses 2 Manuscript Thankful Verses 2 Cursive Thankful Verses 2 D’nealian Also see Preschool Printables for Thanksgiving Bible Verse Cards. ... Read More »
  • Logos Software Review & Special

    Logos Software Review & Special

    I have used Logos Bible software for years. I absolutely love it. I can’t say enough good about it. This powerful digital library system is like having your own personal librarian, who, at the touch of a button, will quickly look up and organize all of the resources and information you’ll ... Read More »
  • 3 Things You Should Know About the Prophetic Fall Holidays

    3 Things You Should Know About the Prophetic Fall Holidays

    Most Christians don’t know about the fall holidays of ancient Israel: The Feast of Trumpets (Rosh Hashanah), the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), and the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkoth). If the spring festivals so clearly prophesied the first coming of Messiah, it stands to reason that the fall festivals are also prophetic of ... Read More »
  • Heart of Wisdom Teacher Helps

    Heart of Wisdom Teacher Helps

    Bookmark this page! It includes the instructions in the Heart of Wisdom Unit Studies as well as our teaching philosophies and online groups. Heart of Wisdom Teaching Methods One Needful Thing God Has a Plan for your Homeschool  How Would Jesus Schedule? 18 Reasons Homeschoolers Love Heart of Wisdom (and a ... Read More »
  • Thanksgiving Movies, Crafts, & Clip Art & Freebie

    Thanksgiving Movies, Crafts, & Clip Art & Freebie

    I am grateful for you this season. My thank you gift to you is a Thanksgiving Blessing Tag you can download free at the bottom of this post. I also complied a list of educational Thanksgiving movies, crafts, clip art and more on Pinterest for teachers and homeschoolers. Please share on Facebook, ... Read More »
  • 21 Healthy Food Plan Meals

    21 Healthy Food Plan Meals

    I’m planning my meals ahead (lost 20 lbs!!). These are meals for those abstaining from sugar and flours, like the ones at OA and FAA. With 21 in one place I can shuffle them. Biblically clean:  no pork, no shellfish. Breakfast Meal Plans Breakfast 1 1 cup oatmeal 145 1/2 cup almond ... Read More »
  • How Do You Do It All? & Free Printable

    How Do You Do It All? & Free Printable

    Homeschool moms juggle so many tasks and responsibilities every day, effective time management is absolutely critical. Below I give you what works for me. Warning: I had to have open heart surgery at age 51, so think twice before taking any of my advice. Read More »
  • Free 15 Minute Chore Checklists

    Free 15 Minute Chore Checklists

    Telling a child to clean a room can be overwhelming to them. These checklists are broken down into easy, doable one- to three-minute chores. You can assign a child a room or a few steps. Explain to your children that if they complete the list every day, each can be ... Read More »