Dreidel Pattern & How to Play Video

Happy HanukkahOn the Dreidel are Hebrew letters Nune, Gimel, Shin, and Hay.

On the surface, those letters stand for “Nes Gadol Hayah Sham – A great miracle happened there” Each player puts the same amount of something— nuts, raisins, pennies, or chocolate coins in the middle, which is called “the pot”. Play proceeds clockwise around the circle of players. Each player takes a turn spinning the Dreidel. Whatever the Dreidel lands on decides what you are to do.

  • HAY: you get half of the pot.
  • GIMEL: you get ALL of the pot.
  • NUNE: you get nothing.
  • SHIN: you must put 1 (nut, or raising, or penny, etc.) in the pot

Dreidel Pattern

Click here to get the  8.5 x 1 pattern. Print out on card stock cut out and make your own dreidel.

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  1. David says:

    Enjoyed seeing some of the variations listed, as there are variations to the rules of the Dreidel game as there are varities to construction of the toy itself.

  2. Great Blog Man, appreciate you posting this valuable info.

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