Matza Humor

A real tour through a Matza Factory, funny, entertainment and tasty, enjoy!!!

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  1. e-Mom says:

    If you ever wondered how Matzah is made, you're in luck! This *funny* clip explains it all. YOUR SAT NIGHT VIDEO: http://ow.ly/2C2hG

  2. e-Mom says:

    Earlier at Susannah's {Kitchen}. "Bible Chiasms: The Markan Sandwich." {http://ow.ly/2C2Fw}

  3. I love this matza song. very funny and so well done.


    p.s not been here for a year or so and great to see it is still growing and developing. been following you for about 10 years now. well done
    rosanna mahmood

  4. Bloopers says:

    Hi There Heartofwisdom,
    Interesting Thoughts, I don’t have a matza mix, but i have flour, baking soda, and salt, and eggs, and meat i want to put inside.
    I look forward to your next post

  5. Spiritual says:

    Great post. We need more Bible base christian teaching. The world says, Don’t teach Jesus, but Jesus is God (John 1:1-4 & 14). Jesus is in the Old Testament and the New Testament.

    Many proclaim we need to preach LOVE and leave the rest alone, But there is more said in the Bible about Hell and sin then is said about love and Heaven combined.

    We need to study to show ourselves approved of God and quit whinning because we can not have our way. Jesus (God) has a plan of salvation – Do you know what it is?

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