God and Women: Woman in God’s Image and Likeness

god and women John GarrA must read for every Christian! This new book brings serious biblical and historical scholarship to bear on the role of women in family, society, and church in an analysis of God’s original intentions for women and for men at the moment when he created humanity.

Since time immemorial, women have been the most consistently and universally abused people group on planet earth, as men have systematically, unrelentingly, and often violently dominated women in virtually every human culture. Unfortunately women of faith have also been virtually bound in chains of submission and gagged by demands for silence since the end of the apostolic era.

Whether you are a woman or a man, this book will literally set you free, challenging you to think and to act on divine truths from the Hebraic foundations of your faith. You will clearly see God’s original design and intent for women, and you will start tearing down prison walls that have deprived half of God’s children of the freedom to pursue his gifts and calling in the family, in society, and especially in the community of faith.

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God and Women: Woman in God’s Image and Likeness

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ISBN 9687-0-9794514-4-7, 320 Pages 6 x 9″ Soft Cover

About the Author: Dr. John Garr

Dr. Garr’s teaching ministry is unique in that it combines excellency in scholarship with intense spirituality and personal integrity. An Academician with a pastor’s heart, Dr. Garr explains great theological truths in terms all Christians can understand and incorporate in their lives. He challenges and inspires believers to pursue a biblically sound faith rooted in the Hebraic heritage of Jesus and the apostles. For more information see HebraicCommunity.org

God and Women: Woman in God’s Image and Likeness

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