Family Sanctuary: Restoring the Biblically Hebraic Home

Family Sanctuary is a provocative look at the modern home that offers clear answers for families in crisis and for those who want to restore their families to biblical foundations. This book is a systematic, comprehensive study of the biblically Hebraic concepts of family.

Reviews are calling this by far his best book ever! By helping you understand as the ancient Hebrews did that your home is a mikdash me at (a temple in miniature), Family Sanctuary will equip you to restore your home as a center for spiritual growth. You, too, can restore these powerful dynamics and make your home a family sanctuary.

The biblical church of the New Testament met primarily in homes where the family functioned as the basic church with each member serving and loving one another through their God-given giftings and ministries.

While the father functioned as the lead priest of the home, each member of the family was an active participant in worship, prayer, study and fellowship. Individual families would join with other families for extended home.

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to recover one of the foundational parts of your biblical Hebraic heritage in the faith of Jesus and the apostles and make your home a true sanctuary of fellowship, study, and worship to God.

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  1. NDIFONGWA Emmanuel SHU says:

    I like to know the truth concerning Biblical Holidays.

  2. sema says:

    truth is what has kept us where we are.stay close to it and you are save.

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