Tribute to Dwight A. Pryor

Dwight A. Pryor left this earth on Saturday (Shabbat), 5 February 2011. He was promoted to heaven and now with our King. Dwight is one of my favorite teachers. I will greatly miss him, and I mourn for his sweet wife Keren. I am so grateful we have access to his powerful teachings through JC Studies.

After enduring fifty years of Rheumatoid Arthritis, he was raised up to celebrate new life in the glorious Presence of our Father in heaven.

Dwight was born in Miami, Oklahoma; the only child of Jean and the late Willard Pryor. He graduated from Miami High School in 1964, and received a B.A. degree, with special distinction in Philosophy, at the University of Oklahoma, followed by post-graduate studies in Philosophy and Hebrew at the University of Texas, and a Doctor of Divinity degree from the Centre for the Study of Biblical Research, Redlands, CA. In 1988, Dwight and his late wife, Jeanette, moved with their son Benjamin from Austin to Dayton, where he founded the Center for Judaic-Christian Studies.

Dr. Pyror’s  in-depth, clear and balanced teaching of the Bible in its Hebraic context and in the light of Jesus, the Messiah and Lord he so passionately loved, caused him to be revered in the United States and internationally as a great scholar, teacher and humble servant of God.

He is survived by loving family, including his mother, Jean; his wife of ten years, Keren Hannah; his son Ben and his wife, Erin; his two grandsons, Gavin and Emory; as well as many, many dear friends and co-workers in the Kingdom of God.

If you would like to show your condolences contact JC Studies with your condolences via email at thecenter@jcstudies.com or by mail at P.O .Box 750815 Dayton, OH 45475.

Click here to learn about Dwight’s Haverim Study Community

Selected Articles By Dwight A. Pryor

Is Heaven Our Destiny?Is Heaven Our Destiny?

The belief in life after death is nearly universal among the world’s religions. Unique to the biblical faiths of Judaism and Christianity, however, is the conviction that there will be a life.

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A Sure Foundation

A Sure Foundation

Supersessionism is deeply rooted in Christian thinking and tradition. This is the notion that because the Jewish people “rejected Christ” God rejected them as His chosen people and replaced Israel with the Church in His redemptive purposes in the earth.

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Husband of One Wife

Scholars long have disagreed over the meaning of the phrase, “husband of one wife” (as it usually is translated). The terminology is found in the New Testament only in the Pastoral Epistles—applying to elders in 1 Timothy 3:2 and Titus 1:6, and to deacons in 1 Timothy 3:12—and its meaning is not self-evident. The text requires interpretation.

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Behold the Man!

Behold the Man!

Two Millennia ago the Roman prefect Pontius Pilate derisively declared, “Ecce Homo” – “Behold the Man!”  Today the Spirit of God is quickening Christians around the world to look afresh at the Jewish Sage, Jesus of Nazareth.

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From Passover to Promised Land

From Passover to Promised Land

We can go forth into the world as the redeemed of the Lord, confident that He will meet us there, leading us on the journey and empowering us for His service. Even today we hear the Shepherd of Israel’s voice calling “Follow me!” (literally “Walk after me!”

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Give Bountifully and Be Full of Light

Give Bountifully and Be Full of Light

The words of Jesus are like precious coins, conveyed to us via the gospels. In their original form however they were minted in a foreign currency, as it were – in a first-century Semitic setting and language far removed from our time.

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He Arose! … But When? He Arose! … But When?

The evidence for the resurrection is compelling. That he arose seems abundantly clear. What is less certain is the timing. When did Jesus actually come forth from the grave?

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Abounding In HesedIs the Sabbath Made for Man, or Not?

In what sense can we say that “the Sabbath is for humankind”—including Christians who also wish to honor God y remembering Shabbat?

More Articles by Dwight Pyror

Remembering Dwight

Condolences and remembrances are pouring in from students around the world honoring our beloved teacher Dwight (Dec. 1945-Feb. 2011). Here is a sampling…

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  1. edwin torres says:

    wow i am sorry to hear that he also was one of my favorite teachers on the jewish roots of the faith.but i know that he is with the very one he clearly spoke of yeshua our redeemer.

  2. linda says:

    You mention that he is with the king.
    Can you explain how that can be when John
    3:13 quoting Yahshua
    And no one has assended into heaven bu He who decended from heaven even the Son of
    He is in his grave sleeping look up the scripture.

    • Doreen says:

      This is also my understanding ie ‘the dead know not any thing’. Could someone enlighten on this as I adored Dwight Pryor as a teacher.

  3. I have been saddened to learn of the death of an old friend,and so long ago. It was our pleasure to have known Dright when he was part of the “Teaching and Evangelism Network” in Austin, TX,We enjoyed his ministry at our chuch in Worcester, and the time we spent with him Israel.
    I somehow lost a two tape series he gave me, that is the best teaching I’ve heard on “Homosexuality and the Church”. If there is a copy available that I could purchase I would be forever grateful.
    My home address is: 175 Podunk Rd.
    Sturbridge, MA 01566
    In his Shadow,
    Bert J. Vanderhoof

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