Eating God's Way

Eating God’s Way: God’s Instruction for Spiritual and Physical Health
Did you know that God is concerned about what you eat? Have you examined what the Word of God says about the existence of clean and unclean animals before Moses? Did you know that what you eat can affect your soul? Did you know that Gentile believers ate according to Leviticus 11 in New Testament times?

Over the years, our traditions and carnal appetites have skewed our interpretation of what the Old and New Testaments teach about food. We have also taken many Scriptures out of context as prooftexts to justify our eating habits.

Isn’t it time to return to a lifestyle that is completely biblical? Eating God’s Way provides an honest and balanced hermeneutical examination of every major Scripture that deals with what God wants us to eat, what He wants us to avoid, and why. Let Eating God’s Way become your handbook for learning (and explaining) God’s instruction for spiritual and physical health!

Eating God's Way Book Cover

DVD Series

Eating God’s Way DVD Series

Now you can have Dr. Lake teach through “Eating God’s Way” in your home, home fellowship, or church group.  Eating God’s Way DVD Series teaches through the truths presented in the book – chapter by chapter.

This DVD series includes four 1 hour DVDs.  All sessions were filmed in front of a live audience.

Eating God’s Way DVD Series $32.00 (plus shipping)  – Purchase through Biblical Life Publishing

Purchase DVD Set through Biblical Life Publishing

About Dr. Michael K. Lake

Dr. Michael K. Lake is the Founder of Biblical Life, the Chancellor of Biblical Life College & Seminary, and serves as an Educational Consultant for various Christian organizations around the world. He is the Bishop/Apostle of Biblical Life Assembly. Dr. Lake is listed in the U.S. Registry’s “Who’s Who Among Outstanding Americans”, Sterling’s “Who’s Who Executive Edition” and the “Who’s Who among American Teachers” for his accomplishments in ministry and with Biblical Life.

Eating God’s Way Facebook Group

I’ve started a Facebook Group titled Eating God’s Way for those who want to change their eating habits. Anyone is welcome to join that wants to focus on eating a plant based, whole foods plan.

What the Group Members Will Do

  1. Pray for one another daily
  2. Share your eating plan.
  3. Post your goals. Be as general or specific as you wish.
  4. Each day post what you ate and how much you exercised.
  5. Encourage, share burdens, etc.
  6. Share recipes, books, links, etc.
  7. We  will begin with a 21 day plan and see where the Lord leads.

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