Do You Bless Your Children?

“Bless you!” is an oft-repeated phrase in today’s world. When someone sneezes in public, others use this exclamation to wish him well. When Christians in various communions greet one another, they often repeat the phrase as a gesture of good will and good wishes. Very few, however, actually think that a blessing is conveyed, for such language and actions are merely social convention and expressions of concern and support.

In the ancient world, however, people routinely blessed one another. They shared mutual blessings over homes, children, land, labors, travels, and resources of every sort. Blessings were almost commonplace; however, they were certainly not meaningless. The ancients actually believed that something occurred when they blessed.

Much has been said about divine blessings (or the lack thereof) upon humanity. Universalists insist that all humanity– perhaps even all creation–is or will be eternally blessed by God.

Some argue that blessings apply to certain people groups while other segments of the population live under eternal curses. Much of the Christian church asserts that God’s blessing is essentially reserved for Christian believers. Whole segments of Christianity have been founded upon the idea that God is obligated to bless those who call upon him in faith. Some even suggest that God is at the beck and call of man with virtual on-demand blessings instantly available to those who understand and recite certain formulae.

What, then, is the biblical truth about the concept of blessing, and how should it be manifest among those who believe in God in today’s world? Since divine blessing is such a vital concept, essential to mental, physical, and spiritual health, it is important that we “get it right.” We must return to the source sothat we can drink from the fountain of the water of life. Downstream sources are inevitably polluted and perhaps even poisoned.

The movie Fiddle on the Roof shows a scene of the parents blessing the children on Sabbath.

This is but another example of the truth that understanding the Hebrew foundations of Christian faith is a golden key that unlocks the treasures of Holy Scripture. Tapping into the Jewish roots of our faith is always an enriching, invigorating experience.in order to have a clear and comprehensive understanding of divine blessing, then, we must return to the matrix from which the concept of blessing emerged.

We must recover the Hebraic foundations of the blessing itself, of the one who blesses, and of the one who is blessed. We can never have an accurate understanding of our Christian faith until we first know the Scriptures, history, and culture of the Jewish people in which Christianity is rooted.

Unless we return to the Hebrew foundations of Christian concepts and applications, we will always be vulnerable to misconception, superstition, and exploitation.

Bless You! Restoring the Biblically Hebraic Blessing

It is for this reason that Dr John Garr has undertaken the book Bless You! Restoring the Biblically Hebraic Blessing in which he discusses the biblical and historical background of the concept of blessing, the dynamics of the blessing process, applications of blessing, times for blessing, and reciprocityin blessing.

He addresses the biblical emphasis on family blessings and their impact upon individuals and society. We will carefully examine the Jewish roots of the blessing experience so that we can more clearly understand both the concept and its applications. You will be amazed when you come to know the biblical background of the blessing and how it can impact your life and that of your family and community in powerful and enduring ways.

Bless You! is a systematic, comprehensive study of the biblically Hebraic concept of blessing. God has forever focused on confirming his covenantal blessings and bringing this good news to all humankind. The blessing that was first given to Adam and Eve is God’s intention for everyone!

Original blessing, not original sin, was always God’s intention for humanity. In order to fulfill his eternal commitment to bless humankind that God planned before all creation to offer himself in the person of his Son, Jesus Christ, as an atonement for the sins of all the human race. Jesus paid the price for God’s blessing to humanity.

God himself composed and prescribed “The Blessing” for his children, a benediction that also places God’s personal name on the one who is blessed. This powerful dynamic can now be experienced in every Christian home and in every corporate worship experience. You, too, can restore this vital part from the Hebraic faith of Jesus and the apostles and bring God’s blessing upon yourself and your family. Don’t miss the amazing blessing of Bless You!

Bless You! Restoring the Biblically Hebraic Blessing

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  1. El LaGrew says:

    RT @heartofwisdom: new: Do You Bless Your Children? Returning to Our Hebrew Heritage http://bit.ly/5UWHDX

  2. new: Do You Bless Your Children? Returning to Our Hebrew Heritage http://bit.ly/5UWHDX

  3. Spitfire says:

    Yes, we bless Little Critter daily. It amazed us how big a difference just that simple little act made. After we do the Bedtime Shema with him, either Dodi or I (whoever is putting him to bed)lays hands on Little Critter’s head and we bless him. Then before I go to bed, I check on him and say the Aaronic Blessing over him. He often will ask if we want him to bless us in return. There’s something truly precious about a wormy, squirmy 9yo boy blessing his parents…Everyone should be able to experience this! It is SUCH a gift! Shalom, Spitfire

    PS We have most all of Dr. Garr’s books, they are really informative and great reading.
    .-= Spitfire´s last blog ..Psalm 20 =-.

  4. Andy LePage says:

    How do I buy the Blessing book?

    There doesn’t seem to be an order form

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