Breaking the Jewish Code

Breaking the Jewish Code” is Perrry Stone’s best work. I was thrilled to find out about it. If you want to know about Christian’s Hebrew roots this is a great read.

Jewish culture and the Jewish people have succeeded–thrived even–for more than four thousand years under both good and unthinkable circumstances. Breaking the Jewish Code helps readers unlock the amazing secrets to this success.

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“You too can discover the hidden secrets that have molded Jewish thinking and lifestyles and made the Jews an undefeatable people, a blessed ethnic group, and a nation that survives against all odds.” –Perry Stone
In Breaking the Jewish Code, international evangelist Perry Stone gives you the keys to unlocking the amazing success of the Jewish people. Anyone can apply these time-honored principles in their life to create wealth, live in health, build faith, raise successful children, and pass on generational blessings! Topics include:
  • Understanding the secret of the Hebrew covenant with God and why it works
  • The spiritual principles of health, wealth, and creating prosperity
  • Feasts, Sabbaths, and yearly celebrations–why success is also about family and enjoying life
  • How to leave a legacy and pass on the blessing to future generations
  • Twelve dynamic keys to success that Jewish people have known for 3,500 years

Recognized for his Hebraic teaching, Perry Stone spent hundreds of hours preparing this 236-page eye-opening book, with information seldom taught or known among Christians.

You will learn:

  • The Hebrew secrets to raising and training children, by following God’s five established life cycles.
  • Seven things parents can do to bless their children, including selecting a prophetic name for them, and the Jewish prayer you can pray over your children for protection and blessing!
  • How to mark your house with God’s Word, the four promises for a barren woman, and the Biblical secrets of breaking infertility and giving birth.
  • How the 7 foods in the Holy Land are keys to health, why eating Kosher is better for you
  • Advice and wisdom principles about wealth from history’s wealthiest Hebrew – including Perry’s personal insight and commentary of what wealthy believers have taught him.
  • Discover the 3 investments God instructed ancient Israel to invest in.
  • Learn about coded messages in the Hebrew Alphabet, Jewish Feast cycles, Sabbath secrets, special meals, and the Jewish procedure and methods used when dedicating a newborn infant to God.
  • How Hebrew prophecy has influenced world leader’s decisions, and the four levels of growing a family tree.
  • Learn how a single mother and widow can impart blessing to her children when a man is not in the home –
  • and much, much more.

Each chapter concludes with, “What God knew, what the Jews know, and what Christians should know,” revealing how to apply the content, practically, for your personal life! This 236-page book includes sections with special charts, Hebrew letters, and lists Biblical names and their meanings for naming children. 9781599794679

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  1. "Breaking the Jewish Code" is Perrry Stone's best work: Christian's Hebrew roots explained. Sample pages http://bit.ly/gJKc6

  2. […] More here: Breaking the Jewish Code […]

  3. "Breaking the Jewish Code" is Perrry Stone's best work: Christian's Hebrew roots Video & Sample pages http://bit.ly/gJKc6

  4. "Breaking the Jewish Code" is Perrry Stone's best work: Christian's Hebrew roots Video &Sample pages http://bit.ly/gJKc6

  5. dana_wilson says:

    RT@jacque_dixonRT@heartofwisdom"Breaking t- Jewish Code"-Perry Stone's best work-Christian's Hebr. roots Vid./Sample pgs http://bit.ly/gJKc6

  6. Breaking the Jewish Code: 12 Secrets that Will Transform Your Life http://bit.ly/4dTYGq

  7. Jacquie H. says:

    RT @heartofwisdom: Breaking the Jewish Code: 12 Secrets that Will Transform Your Life http://bit.ly/4dTYGq

  8. Truden says:

    Amazing! Not clear for me, how offen you updating your heartofwisdom.com.
    Have a nice day

  9. Breaking the Jewish Code :video by Perry Stone http://ow.ly/17byy

  10. Does anyone know concrete information about what’s going on in Sinai? I have a few Israeli friends on vacation in Dahab right now and am a bit troubled. I pray that nothing has happened.

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